Full Moon Flights for 2016-01-11

The calendar below is from the Farmer’s Almanac and lists the dates for us to enjoy flying with a full moon lighting our way. This would be a good time to share the experience of flight with other pilots and club members and your friends as well. Be sure you are “night current” prior to taking passengers at night and also “club current”, and be sure to book the club airplane soon to ensure you have the flights of your choice. We can also look forward to a little socializing at the club after the flights.

January 23rd – Full Wolf Moon – 8:46 pm

February 22nd – Full Snow Moon – 1:20 pm

March 23rd – Full Worm Moon – 8:01 am

April 22nd – Full Pink Moon – 1:24 am

May 21st – Full Flower Moon – 5:14 pm

June 20th – Full Strawberry Moon – 7:02 am

July 19th – Full Buck Moon – 6:57 pm

August 18th – Full Sturgeon Moon – 5:27 am

September 16th – Full Harvest Moon – 3:05 pm

October 16th – Full Hunter’s Moon – 12:23 am

November 14th – Full Beaver Moon – 8:52 am

December 13th – Full Cold Moon – 7:06 pm

Hope to see you flying some evening.

Bob Leroux

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