Coastal Pacific Seaplane Training

Coastal Pacific Aviation is a proud corporate sponsor for the BC Floatplane Association and is pleased to announce the addition of a C-185 amphibian aircraft for seaplane ratings.   The C-185 amphibian was selected for training because the aircraft is widely used in the bush industry and amphibian floats gives the student an advantage when pursuing careers in the float industry.  The premier course includes a one to one 3+ hours power point ground school, all books, direct student to instructor booking, and 7 hours in the aircraft.  The course has been priced competitively at $2877.00 plus tax for the rating.  Training beyond the 7 hour rating is also available.  Pilots who complete their training will also receive a 1 year free membership to the BC Floatplane Association.

More information can be found by contacting Coastal Aviation directly.