Members visit Pemberton

We flew to Pemberton in Warren’s Seneca. A truly meticulous cared for aircraft.

From CYCW our routing took us over Harrison lake, Lilloet lake and inbound to Pemberton. We had a great lunch offered by Warren. Very generous of him to provide his aircraft and lunch.

It was interesting to be aware of ridge lift and apply this technique when shuttling out of Pemberton for the west bound departure.

Having a Turbo charged aircraft makes all the difference.

The westbound routing from 8500′ took us on a profile decent over Stave lake at 250 fpm for the 5 mile offset to our direct track for CYCW.

From 5 miles west on profile we entered for a mid-field crossing for the downwind to R-25.

All in all what a beautiful flight on a perfect day.

Thanks Warren.


Andy Halychuk

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