New Members!

Here are a few words from our newest members.

Brett Rueff:

“I have been flying for about 20 years and hold a CPL with approximately 500 hours of flight time – all recreational flying.  I also fly a powered paraglider which is registered as a basic ultralight, and occasionally fly a paraglider from Mt Woodside or Bridal Falls.  Besides aviation my hobbies are mostly outdoor related – hiking, biking, camping with the family, travel (mostly to Australia to see family) kayaking and occasionally rock climbing. My wife Michelle, 3 year old girl Charlie, 1 year old son Campbell and I live in Fort Langley. I look forward to meeting the members of the AFC in the coming year.”

Garreth Lavery:

“Gareth Lavery (my friends call me G). A native of Manchester, England, I moved permanently (insert love story here) to Canada in 2013. I follow a Paleo diet and lifestyle (for Paleo, read “caveman”) which seems completely at odds with my passion for everything that can propel itself with an engine. I’m as likely to jump up and film a passing train as I am an interesting aeroplane. Am I the only person who enjoys getting stuck at a rail crossing? Formerly a 3D designer of exhibition booths around the world, I am now a commercial pilot in training. I took my first flight on the 15th of January 2016, soloed in February and passed my PPL flight test in May. I am loving every moment of this adventure!”

Thanks for sharing guys! Welcome to the Abbotsford Flying Club.

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