President’s Column – November 2016

It’s that time again – time for you the members to break in a new Board.  There are some familiar faces and some new ones, but the common thread is that we are all volunteers who are contributing personal time, skills and efforts to manage the Club’s affairs and hopefully provide a positive experience.  Your Board strives to make the Abbotsford Flying Club an environment that fosters camaraderie and friendship.  Be you a flying member, a non-flying member or an associate member, you are all equally-valued.  All that I ask in return is that each of us treat everyone associated with the AFC with dignity and respect and find some way to contribute. This is the foundation the Club was built on and one of the reasons we have been so successful and in existence for so many years.

In the coming year there will be problems to solve, issues to address, and projects to complete, but as they say “many hands make for light work”.  Ruth Wiebe, our Social Director, is planning a variety of socials in the coming months and most notably, Christmas is around the corner and plans are being made.  Please contact Ruth with your suggestions and offers of assistance and help us create some memorable social experiences in the months to come.

Your Flyout Director, Richard Bauch, is pre-planning the coming year’s fly-outs and I am sure he would appreciate volunteers to help plan destinations and/or act as flight leader on some of the interesting flyouts he has in mind.

Josh Sandford, your newsletter “go-to guy”, will be looking for input, contributions and suggestions for topics of discussion.  The newsletter is an opportunity for members to tell others of their aviation adventures or just to tell us of any milestones (anniversaries, birthdays, accomplishments, etc.) in their lives.

Chris Palmer, your Vice-President, is the Club’s Program Director and is asking for input as to what the members would like to see in the future with regards to programs or seminars.  Dirk Sieber is your Membership Chairman and is there to assist you as a resource person for any questions you may have.  Brian Appaswamy returns as the Club’s maintenance director and is the person to approach regarding anything to do with the aircraft.  Skylar Pridham is the Club’s new Aircraft Safety Chairman.  Skylar brings with him knowledge and experience that will be of benefit to the Club and its flying members.

Several committees have already been established but are still looking for members willing to contribute a little time.  Clark Closkey is chairing the Constitution Review Committee.  Deryn Graham is your Building Committee chairman and has a full slate of projects that need to be addressed this year.  Murray Webb has graciously accepted the Bar Committee portfolio even though he is recuperating from recent surgery.  We are currently seeking an individual or individuals who would be interested in taking on the hangar maintenance responsibilities.  Also in the works is an Aircraft Acquisition Committee to investigate the purchase of a new aircraft in the future.

This year we hope to continue with our First Flights for Kids program, Ed Boon’s Wings and
Wheels, as well as our ongoing commitment to the Abbotsford International Airshow.

In the coming year I look forward to enthusiastic volunteerism, lively and open discussion and creative solutions.  Let’s all work together to make the Abbotsford Flying Club the best it can be.

Ken Campbell

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