5 thoughts on “Mountain Flying in Beautiful BC

  1. Skylar Pridham

    It’s a flight we do early on in our commercial program to allow students more freedom to travel to airports throughout BC. Of course, you don’t require a CPL to do it, a PPL would suffice, simply contact myself or another flight instructor and they can arrange a time to take you up into the mountains and teach the techniques and decision making that go into mountain flying. A PPL if you don’t already hold one can run around $12,000.

    1. Mark Thibault

      Another option to consider is the Recreational Pilot Permit (RPL) which is not as costly. Limitations are 2 persons only in the aircraft, no night flights or flying into the US.

      If you’re looking to cut costs further, you could also consider an ultralight license that would allow you to fly Advanced Ultralight aircraft. Some AULA designs can be quite capable.

  2. Skylar Pridham

    We restrict the students to a max. altitude of 3500′ for CYXX to Tipella. From Tipella to CYXX via Spuzzum we fly at 4000′

  3. murray

    What altitude did you use Yxx to Tipella Skylar? I remember sweating on a couple of mountain checks on that route.


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