General Meeting Minutes – 2017-06-14

General Meeting Minutes – 2017-06-14



All Members: Please remember to sign in.

Welcome members

Welcome guests



  • Presentations
  • Business
  • Presentations


Six guests (didn’t get the names)


  • Wings and Wheels wrap up and two awards presented
  • Bob Fatkin: Forced approaches
  • Roger Precious: Air Traffic Control and formation flying
  • Bob Leroux: Canada 150 flight across Canada.

15 Minute Break

Motion to approve meeting minutes from last meeting:

1: Dirk 2:  Robert F.  MSC

President’s and club Report

  • Getting closer to Airshow season
    • For new members, please consider coming out and giving a hand with projects this summer
  • First flights for kids is almost here. This is a fabulous introduction to aviation for our next generation

Various updates

  • Airplanes are in good shape
    • Please remember to keep the airplanes clean when done after your flight
  • Social: Wings and Wheels was a big success!
  • Membership:
    • Three interviews and one more application.
  • First Flights for Kids coming up next Saturday:
    • Preparations going well,
    • 161 kids registered! Hoping to fly at least 150
    • Weather looks decently promising
  • Good and welfare
    • Milo passed away for those who know Reno Air Races
    • Ton DuCroq has his class 1 back!
    • Bob McFarland is on the mend
  • Finance:
    • Study by the three committee members into the use of club aircraft and utilization
    •  What do we need in the future
    • Hangar Roofs are coming along; some issues but another week or so
    • one issue was the loan of $70K to the hangar corporation. A good deal was done for the roofing repairs was realised and the loan has been repaid.
    • More money left over to do other things like gutters, taxiways and other hangar repairs
  • Flight Safety
    • New VTA soon with departure and arrrivals coming to YXX. Please give altitudes to ground
    • Busy times
  • Nomination committee
    • introduction of committee members
    • meeting last week
    • work has started
  • Strategic Planning committee
    • Monday 19:30 new meeting to talk about the direction the club needs to go
  • Flyouts
    • Been a few places, lots of places yet to go
    • Option for a flyin and overnight stay at the Chilcotin Lodge
    • Tsuniah Lake lodge coming up
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship: Kodak will be at YXX at 19:30
  • Langley Fly-in, 99’s poker run and FIrst Flights for Kids on Saturday; airport will be busy!

Old Business

  • Airshow Shower trailer is almost done!

New Business

  • Pizza and pub night on Airshow Saturday instead of the Broken Prop (they need a break this year). The Airshow Society would like something for the campers to do that is not competing with Hangar 13 so we will try this for this year. Talk to Josh and Skylar!
  • Airshow Volunteer BBQ in two weeks

Motion to Adjourn – 21:52 (Millie)

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