Nominating Committee Meeting – 2017-06-07

AFC Nominating Committee Information Meeting

June 7th 2017 7.30 pm



There was a disappointing lack of attendees.

However, for those Members who were not able to be there, but are interested in the Nominations and Elections process, or in serving as a Directors or on one of the Committees, the following information is relevant.


Nominating Committee

  • Chaired by immediate Past-President
  • Chair selects three other Past-Presidents
  • This year – Steve Stewart, Brian Burke, Bob Bryan, Ken Funk, Bob Fatkin
  • Identifies Members who wish to stand for election
  • Confirms their eligibility
  • Creates list of Nominees – handed to Board at least 60 days before AGM


Election – at AGM

  • Additional nominations can be made at the AGM
  • Immediate Past-President runs the election
  • Only voting members in good standing can vote
  • All candidates have a chance to speak in support of their own candidacy
  • Details of voting in bylaw 4.1 (g)
  • Details of absentee voting in bylaw 3.1 (n)
  • No proxy votes
  • President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary are elected individually
  • Six other Directors are elected as a group



  • Board comprises 10 Directors elected each year
  • President chairs meetings and generally supervises the business of the AFC
  • Vice-President is back-up for President
  • Treasurer keeps track of finances
  • Secretary takes and publishes minutes, is official custodian of membership roll, handles all non-financial documents and communications.
  • All other roles and responsibilities are agreed within the Board. They can change from year to year
  • Most Directors chair Committees
  • Individual Directors can be removed by the Members



  • Board usually meets once each month
  • Board manages and supervises affairs of AFC (bylaws 5.1(k) and (r))
  • Board consults with, and receives input from Members via Committees, as well as directly, and also informally in various ways
  • In addition to the Board minutes, the President and other Directors may provide verbal reports at General Meetings



  • Most are chaired by Directors
  • Some are permanent
  • Others are temporary
  • Committees have some authority, delegated by the Board, to regulate and administer issues within their mandate, as set by Board. (bylaw 5.1(l)
  • Committees make decisions within their area of authority
  • Committees provide venues for Members to discuss issues, and develop consensus
  • Committees report back to the Board on issues being considered by the Board and on issues of concern to Members


Some current and recent Committees

Chair (Director) Chair (not Director)

Membership Dirk Seiber

Finance Kevin Mickleby

Aircraft Safety Skylar Pridham

Aircraft Maintenance Brian Appaswammy

Socials Ruth Weibe

Aircraft Acquisition —

Constitution and Bylaws Clark Closkey

Strategic Planning Chris Palmer

Discipline —

Fly-outs Richard Bauch

Wings and Wheels Ed Boon

First Flights for Kids Mark Thibault/Ron Becker

Building Maintenance Deryn Graham

Newsletter Josh Sandford

Nominations Steve Stewart



  • The AFC is the creator and “Sponsor” of the airshow
  • AFC appoints Members to serve as Directors of the AIAS
  • Currently appoint 7 Directors (full Board is 28)
  • Current AFC bylaws require President to become AIAS Director
  • Others are appointed to two-year terms, with three elected each year at AFC AGM
  • AIAS Constitution requires Directors to be Members of AIAS
  • AIAS Constitution is currently under review

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