AFC St. Patrick’s Day Limerick Contest

The AFC St. Patrick’s Day limerick contest was held at TGIF on March 15th
The winner of the original composition category was Murray Webb with this:-

“ An old aviator named Campbell
Spun out on a sidewalk and fell
He now wears a sling
On his busted left wing
And his flying has gone all to hell”

second place went to Chris Palmer with this:-

“ I once fell in love with a blonde
But found out that she wasn’t too fond
Of rough rides in my Yukon
Which she threatened to puke on
Demanding we land on a pond.”

The previously published category was won by Chris Palmer, who offered this:-

There was a young maid from Madras
Who had a magnificent ass-
Not rounded and pink
As you probably think,
It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass.

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