General Meeting Minutes – 2019-04-10

General Meeting Minutes – 2019-04-10



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  1. Guests
  2. Announcements
    • new members,
    • flyouts,
    • special events and social,
    • good and welfare
  3. Board Updates (Agenda)
    • President report
    • VP Report
    • Treasurer report
    • Secretary report
    • Safety report
    •  Membership report
    •  Building Maintenance Report
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business
  6. Adjourn


  • Casper Turnistsky From Cold Lake


  • Warren LeGrice and the Dryden accident

Motion to approve meeting minutes from March General Meeting:

1: Lise 2: Bob Bryan MSC


  • new member introductions,
    • 1 Tevon Gill
  • flyouts,
    • Sunday morning flyouts ongoing!
    • Hoping for better weather.
  • special events and Social
    • pool Tournament: Friday: Teams of two for every Friday until a winner is declared!
    • Wings and Wheels
    • TGIF always on
  • good and welfare
    • Devin Campbell is having fluid buildup in his abdomen which causes him to have difficulties with breathing.
    • He’s having some tests coming up.
    • Former member Roy Stagg is turning 67 in 2 weeks
    • Patty Spronk, widow of founding member John Spronk will be 92 in 2 weeks

President’s and club Report

  • Please see the posted report from the Amateur Built Aircraft Policy committee. Your comments and feedback are welcome! We’ll be voting to enact recommendations at our next Board meeting. Thanks to the committee for doing the research and their considered writings.
  • The Safety Committee has posted their proposed policy amendments – please take a look and add any kudos, comments, questions or concerns. They have worked hard to come up with some innovations for safety and their work is appreciated.
  • As a first step towards an AFC Safety Management System, Warren took the IMC club through ground-school-style IFR training exercises.
  • Prepair was at Chinook Helicopters this year. Well attended by AFC members.
  • Most of the issues with GSBS are resolved and the Certificate of Registration is imminent. We are closing in on having it ready to fly…. just a little more work and testing needed. Thanks to Bob Leroux for pointing out paperwork issues and to Bevan and his team of helpers for their ongoing hard work.
  • We are all looking forward to the upcoming Wings and Wheels event coming soon. Planning is ongoing and as always we can use some more help. Please see Ed Boon for details.
  • Call for volunteers for First Flights for Kids this year.
  • Also I am considering strategies for increasing volunteerism on activities that are beneficial to the club and would like your input.
  • George gave a 6 month mid-year club update on Powerpoint
  • Presentation slides from George can be seen here.

VP Report

  • Saturday Morning Breakfasts at Tony’s
  • Dutch Lunch on Wednesdays
  • repaving the pathway to the clubhouse front door
  • Speaker for the April GM is Ken Hildebrandt – Airshow announcing.
    Subsequent speakers to be announced.
  • Clubhouse operations are being managed by an informal group of volunteers, who take care of janitorial chores, bar restocking, kitchen consumable replacements, etc.
  • On the social front, we had a well-attended St. Patrick’s Day TGIF on March 15th, and the pool tournament is in full swing, with semi-finals and grand final on April 12th.
  • Preparations for Wings-n- Wheels on May 25th are well underway.

Treasurer report

  • Financial position: As of April 1, 2019, the AFC had approximately $34.6K in its bank account with accounts payable of approximately $1.4K.
  • No significant deviations from Plan (i.e., our budget) to report.
  • All government remittances required to be made have been made.
  • All tax or information returns required to be filed with the government have been filed.
  • Janet Martens has just returned from holidays.  We will have our next cheque run on or about April 15, 2019.
  • We have requested from Godspeed a replacement gas card for GMA, but it has thus far not been provided.  In the interim, we have no choice but to have members use their personal credit cards when purchasing fuel and then apply for a reimbursement of the charges incurred.
    • Pursuant to the YXX Partnership Agreement, we have been provided with a written report on the partnership’s activities for 2018 (and plans for 2019).  We have attached hereto the written report (the 2018 Annual Report) we have received from the President of YXX (Steve Stewart) along with the financial statements for YXX for the year ended December 31, 2018.
    • I would ask for the opportunity at our upcoming meeting to speak to the 2018 Financial Statements and have Steve Stewart speak to the 2018 Annual Report (and the current status of the planned paving project).
    • YXX HR LP
      Summary Report – April 2019 Occupancy

      • Occupancy of all hangars, storage spaces and tie-downs has been almost 100%.

      Unused Space

      • We have two unused areas of grass that are too small for aircraft parking or for hangars, but are not part of the necessary taxiway corridors.

      Tie-Down Space Expansion

      • We have asked the airport about opening up the W&W area for additional aircraft parking, for both short term and long term.


      • Most common ongoing maintenance issues are doors that are difficult to open, and which are repaired by a combination of adjustments and wheel replacements.
      • The AFC building electrical panel has been replaced and upgraded, with proper provision for the airshow connection.
      • The storage room door was replaced to allow storage of the snow blower, mower and other equipment.
      • The old compressor was replaced by a smaller, movable unit.
      • In December a windstorm removed five hangar doors, destroying one and damaging others. They were quickly repaired and we have an insurance claim in process for permanent repair or replacement.
      • We took over the washroom contract, and now bill the airport for half its cost.
      • Almost all hangar locks have been replaced with our own locks, and this process will be completed soon.
      • The airport intends to change the vehicle gate from a code-operated lock to swipe cards, but this has not happened yet.

      Paving Project

      • A year ago, we applied, through the airport, for BC Air Access Program funding to repave the taxiways on our lease.
      • The project is due to start next week and be complete by the end of April.
      • Steve gave a short presentation with a diagramme of the hangar compound talking about the paving project. Starting very soon.

Secretary report

  • Reminder that Absent Excused can also be sent to

 Flight Safety report

  • Warren is in the process of updating the Glastar qualification lesson plan and evaluation. Andy and Warren will begin work this week in the production of a introduction video on the Club’s machine.
  • Checkride system is being looked at again…. looking a a two tiered system based on yearly flying and self identification of skills.

Membership report

  • Instagram account has been made, @AbbotsfordflyingClub and is live! it is connected with the official AFC Facebook  account. We also have an Instagram hashtag #FlyAFC
  • Committee meeting next Monday.

Aircraft Maintenance:

  • Certified: (Brian A)
    • IUK: Annual is done
    • GMA: 10 hours away from the oil change from Mineral oil to regular mix oil. Oil colour is light so pay attention. Don’t add more than 6 quarts! We don’t need to coat the belly of the aircraft!
  • Non-certified (SBS – Bevan)
    • Should be online soon after the paving project
    • Paperwork is in hand and is getting close!

Building Maintenance Report

  • Andy and Warren are making steady progress with painting and clean up in the Clubhouse.
  • Murray and I cut up and collected the fir branches , just south of the Clubhouse, that were brought down by recent storms. Parm’s staff was then good enough to remove them.
  • We could always  use extra good help in our endeavours in cleaning and painting, so if any members would like to be part of the solution, please contact me at
  • A general clean up of the grounds and clubhouse will occur in May, closer to the Wings and Wheels event, so  standby for further.

Old Business

  • Regarding the refuelling of aircraft in the AFC Hangar compound, Steve Stewart provided some clarity around the misconception as follows:
    Hangar lease part 1, schedule B, paragraph 9
      • Refueling
        9. The Tenant shall not, at any time, operate, or permit or allow any subtenant or licensee to operate, an aircraft refueling facility or perform any aircraft refueling on the Premises.
    This is reflected in paragraph 3.2 (b) of our individual rental agreements, whereby the tenant agrees:
      • not to, at any time, operate, an aircraft refueling facility or perform any aircraft refueling within the License Area or on any other portion of the Leased Lands;

    Thus, re-fueling is not actually allowed, despite the willingness of this provider.

New Business

  • The Honourable Company of Air Pilots, North America section will be visiting Comox again within the next few weeks, and the visit will include attending a Snowbirds practice session. Alistair Beaton is the organiser. The date is not yet fixed.Anyone interested in participating needs to apply for HCAP membership.
  • Hope Gives Wings: Lise Ash talked about it. Lise will be flying and is excited about the opportunity and the ability to raise money for a very worthy cause!
  • Poker Run: May 26 rain date 3 June! come out and participate!
  • Airshow: May 4 will be an airshow member event with Grumpy, B-25 Mitchell.

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday 24 April 18:30
Next General Meeting: 8 May

Motion to Adjourn – 20:50  (Millie Watson)



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