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Ladies and Gentleman
I am addressing this email to all BC – Yukon + YKF Flying Clubs plus a few (so far) in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Ontario.
Many of you are well aware of Give Hope Wings – the 2018 project which flew right around Central & South America and raised well over $500k for Hope Air.  Because of the huge success of that mission, we are planning a second one to the north in June/July of this year. We will depart Pitt Meadows at 10:30 on Saturday June 15h and make a 6500 nm, three-week flight across BC, Yukon, NWT and then fly right around  Alaska. For your interest, we will be stopping in the following Canadian points northbound: YPK – YQZ – YXS – YYE – YQH – YFS – YZF – CEU8 – CYUB – CYEV – CYOC. We would love to see any of you at any of these stops; if there is interest please get back to me so we can coordinate.
Our full route is laid out under this tab, and I have also attached a detailed copy of our itinerary in the excel sheet below.
Last year we were well supported by Flying Clubs/COPA Flights in Western Canada – and Ontario – as follows:
We already have commitments from a few clubs this year, in particular a very generous offer to from the Aero Club of BC to host our send-off from YPK – complete with a fly-in breakfast, press and invited special guests. Thank you, Tom, Horst and your entire board and club.
Give Hope Wings is a three- week flight in June/July to raise money for Hope Air www.hopeair.caHope Air is an iconic Canadian charity which provides free flights to financially challenged Canadians who must get to health care far from home. Three or possible four light aircraft will fly 12,000 km from the Lower Mainland across BC, Yukon, NWT, and completely circumnavigate Alaska. The Give Hope Wings Crew plans to raise at least $1/4 million for Hope Air with this expedition; this will fund over 1,000 medical flights for people who really need our help.
The Give Hope Wings crew has a great track record. Flight Leader Dave McElroy flew around the world four years ago in a single-engine Piper Comanche and raised over $150,000 for SickKids Foundation and another charity. (He was just the 198th person in world history to accomplish that feat). Last year, he and two other pilots founded Give Hope Wings. They flew 39,000 km around Central and South America and raised well over $500,000 for Hope Air!  This year, the Give Hope Wings mission is three weeks rather than the eight week expedition last year, but the Crew is determined to raise at least $250,000. The objectives of the expedition include raising money and awareness for Hope Air, promoting the mission’s corporate sponsors and inspiring young people – of any age.
How are people, groups & companies helping us to help less fortunate Canadians?  In one or more of the four following ways.
1. Private donations – anyone who donates $1,000 or more has his/her name proudly emblazoned on Give Hope Wings aircraft. Donations in ANY amount are welcome and appreciated.
2. Corporate sponsorship – in Platinum, Gold and Silver Categories. Each of these has its own set of benefits, and each includes ample promotion of our sponsors. Give Hope Wings has a very wide and broad following on social media, and attracts press attention wherever events are planned – including stops along the way on this Northwest Expedition. All the benefits of being a Give Hope Wings donor or corporate sponsor are clearly laid out under the Sponsorship Tab of our website
3. Volunteer Flight Crew – a select group of people who want to join this, the experience of a lifetime, by making a serious contribution to Hope Air – enough to fund dozens of medical flights. The three week itinerary has been divided into three one-week stages, and the crew looks forward to hosting what they call “Volunteer Flight Crew” members (VFC) to share in this great adventure for a week each. Our fellow travellers will see some of the grandest, most spectacular scenery in the world from the unique perspective of the front seat of a highvis light aircraft. Only a tiny fraction of one percent of the population will ever have the opportunity to see what these people will see. If they are pilots, they will be welcome to share in the flying tasks, but there is no requirement for that. Pilots and non-pilots alike will fully enjoy this unique adventure. Please click the following link to see the details of the exciting VFC opportunity
4. New this year – sponsor a woman aviator in training.   Provide a $25k sponsorship which will fund a young aspiring female pilot to join our squadron as in (3) above. We held a contest for an Award for two legs (2X$25k =$50k) funded by an anonymous donor. We had 15 applicants. Two have been selected, but we are looking for funding to take another three along. These are all highly motivated and qualified young women who will take great benefit from an extensive cross-country trip which will vastly open their horizons and improve their aviation skills.
Any individual, group or company which donates $1000 or more to Hope Air in our name gets their identity emblazoned on our aircraft, and lots of mentions our website and social media (as well as Hope Air’s), We are hopeful to expand the support from our fellow flying clubs dramatically this year. If 30 clubs in BC-Yukon-NWT would each donate $1000 that would fund 120 free medical flights for Canadians this year who would not otherwise be able to get to much needed healthcare far from home. And there will be 30 Flying Club decals emblazoned on our aircraft. 
I will make an interesting, entertaining and educational presentation, complete with dozens of amazing phots and a number of short video clips describing our South American adventure, to any club which donates $1000 or more. Any that have heard our presentation on the 2018 Southern Odyssey have been very complimentary. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information. Donations can  be made online here, or mailed in as directed on the website.
                                            Hope Air – Getting Canadians to Getting Better
                                                   Give Hope Wings – Flying for Good 
Dave McElroy
Flight Leader Give Hope Wings
President, Kelowna Flying Club / COPA Flight 36
778 215 4114

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