RAA Chapter 85’s new Zenith Cruzer flies in Delta!

Congratulations to RAA Chapter 85 at Delta on the first flight of their new Zenith CH 750 Cruzer.  Below is a report and video:

The RAA Chapter 85 Zenith 750 Cruzer completed a successful test flight this afternoon out of the Delta Heritage Air Park. Once insurance for the aircraft was confirmed as being in place, Sebastien was able to confirm that he felt today was suitable for an attempt at a flight. Sebastien was at the field a little bit after 10 am this morning and a number of the members who had been involved as volunteer builders also arrived to assist.

Sebastien updated the software for the Dynon Skyview and then several hours were spent examining the aircraft and also correcting some small problems. This included Cyril and Peter Lenger making a quick flight to Pitt Meadows Airport to pick up some needed items.

By mid afternoon, Sebastien was satisfied that a flight could be attempt. After an aborted first attempt to investigate a radio issue, Sebastien lined up and was in the air just after 3 pm. Some photos will be included below and a link to a YouTube video of the the in cockpit portion of the flight can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/KGmXHuN8pSs

The flight turned up a few items which will need to be addressed before the next flight. As can be seen on the video, Boundary Bay tower was having difficulty picking up the Cruzer’s transponder and engine temps were high which will require checking and improving engine baffling and air flow. Sebastien reported that the aircraft flew well and no things like oil leaks were in evidence post flight.

Overall, it was a very successful first flight. The members who were the volunteer builders and who put in hundreds of hours of work over the last three and a half years are to be congratulated. Thanks also to Sebastien Sekora for managing all the issues leading up to the test program and then performing the first flight. Thanks also to Michael Heintz and Zenair Canada for the attention which they have given to the Chapter and project.

Bill Bird

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