Steve Hinton and the 1979 Reno Air Races

Steve Hinton, well-known aviator in the warbird community, was the pilot of the de Havilland¬† Mosquito from the Flying Heritage Collection at Abbotsford Int’l. Airshow a few years ago.

As the race progresses in the video below, the Red Baron, piloted by young Steve Hinton, is not able to close on the P51 of eventual winner John Crocker. On the last lap the Red Baron pulls up after losing power and is forced to land off the runway. In a story worthy of Hollywood the crash destroys the Red Baron and nearly costs Steve Hinton his life. Steve recovers and goes on to become one of the most respected race pilots and restorers of WW2 aircraft. Thirty years after this event his son became the youngest pilot ever to win the Reno event.

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