Clubhouse Darts Area Updated

The dartboard area in the clubhouse lounge has been updated with a new dartboard, surround and dart rack.

Please do the following to help prolong the life of our new board and related equipment:

  • Return the darts to the rack when finished using them (rather than leaving them stuck in the board). This lets the board “heal” itself a bit better than leaving them in the board long term.
  • When removing darts from the board, twist and pull them straight out (rather than rocking them up/down or side/side while they are still in the board). Use this technique when removing darts from the board surround as well.
  • If the darts become too dull, blunt or hooked, sharpen them with the sharpener in the box next to the rack. Click here for a video on how to use the sharpening tool.


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