Board Meeting (Extraordinary) Minutes – 2020-03-21

Abbotsford Flying Club
Extraordinary Board Meeting
Via phone

Present: Aug Rinz, George Aung-Thin, Amarvir Sunder, Kevin Mickelby;  Tom Grozier,  Dirk Sieber

Absent: Brian Appaswamy, Luciano Nisi,

Meeting called to order 19:05 by George


  1. AFC Member authorized a RV Guest to stay on property adjacent to the clubhouse.
  2. AFC Member has made decisions on behalf of the Abbotsford Flying Club independent of the Board.


  1. AFC Member authorized a RV Guest to stay on property adjacent to the clubhouse.

The name of the RV Guest is Darryl Schimpf. According to one of our members, Mr. Schimpf has been snow birding in Arizona but had to return early because all Canadians have had their travel insurance cancelled effective March 22. Mr. Schimpf advises that he is not ill, but like all recently repatriated Canadians, he has been instructed to isolate himself for a period. Mr. Schimpf advises that he has been authorized by another member to park his RV beside the clubhouse. Mr. Schimpf advises that he won’t be going into the clubhouse nor using our facilities except for an electrical plug-in for his CPAP respirator. The Board has been advised that Mr. Schimpf is a former member of the RCMP and has previously been involved with the Kamloops Airshow.

The President advises the Board that he found out about these matters through texts from a member sent to him from the Secretary.

Discussion and Action:

The Board agrees to let Mr. Schimpf stay adjacent to the clubhouse and to use the clubhouse electrical plug-in for a week and Amarvir will phone around to assist Darryl to find alternate accommodation.

2. Member making decisions independent of the Board on behalf of the club

RV Guest was approved to stay at the club by a member without consulting the board first


Member had no authority to make decisions such as this without Board consent as this is inappropriate behaviour. This is clearly a board decision.

Action: The board will discuss this issue at a further board meeting on Monday Evening 23 March

Adjourn: 19:31



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