President’s Column – March 2021

While the Club House remains closed during the pandemic, we are beginning to anticipate
improvements in the fight against the spread of the virus and are looking towards opening,
when permitted by the regulators. To that end, clean up efforts have been taken by volunteers
to clean surfaces of the bar and surrounding areas as well as getting rid of stale beer from the
fridge that was left unrefrigerated. I would like to thank Chris Palmer, Pat Ulicki and Adrian
Renkers for taking the lead in the clean up efforts. Stay tuned for further developments.

Speaking of volunteers, we are blessed to have many working behind the scenes and to each
of you, we are truly indebted. On behalf of the Board and the membership, we say thank you!

Our efforts towards establishing a Safety Management System (SMS) continues. The Safety
Committee, chaired by John Palmer, and a sub-committee, comprised of Warren Le Grice,
Clark Closkey and Randy Kelley, are working on the details to be presented to the Safety
Committee for approval and ultimately to the Board for their consideration.

I have been encouraging our members to follow presentations on the internet regarding
accident reviews. If you are interested in getting a pilot’s perspective on the Kobe Bryant fatal
accident, check out Dan Gryder (musician extraordinaire) “Probable Cause” video. He visits
every accident scene he analyses and presents a credible opinion on them. Two other good
resources are Scott Perdue of “Flywire” and Juan Brown on the Blancolirio channel. All three
are availed on the YouTube platform. Check them out.

Until next time, get out and enjoy some flying and please, do it safely.

Ken Funk
Abbotsford Flying Club

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