June 19 Work Party Results

For June 19 president Ken had organized another cleanup work party for the club’s back yard. We thank the following members for their participation:

Ken Funk
Ken Campbell
Devin Campbell
Sophia Campbell
George Elder
Warren Legrice
Chris Palmer
Paul Monchamp
Ton DuCrocq
Bob Bryan
Ken Bucholz

Ken Funk’s son in law Perry Merasty performed the carpentry work for the replacement doors by the pool table and the back door of the storage area.

On June 18 Steve Stewart trimmed the cedars behind the clubhouse.

President Ken rented and operated a cherry picker to access the gutters for cleanup and power washing all areas that would have needed to be cleaned from the top of a ladder. Given the average age of our crew, Workers Compensation Board would have been proud of Ken’s decision making. We had to unfortunately take down Pita’s clematis plant, that had hidden the storage container for many years. That container has now been removed too. One more shanty needs to be taken down and then the back yard will look better than it has for decades.
Keep an eye out for a message marking the next work party.

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