President’s Column – July 2021

President’s July 2021 News Letter

More good news regarding the easing of government health restrictions.  Masks are now optional.  It is nice to be able to see people’s faces again!  We can now look forward to in person club meetings and to resuming many of our regular club activities. The June board meeting was a dual zoom and in person event. We are hoping to make the July club meeting an in person meeting.  It has been a long time coming but we can now look to the future with optimism.

Another successful work party was held at the club house on Saturday, June 19th.  The two south facing doors off the pool room and the storage room were replaced.  Gutters along the front of the club house were cleaned.  The old rotting truck van was removed along with its contents.  Carpets were shampooed.  The overgrown shrubs taking over much of the rear of the clubhouse were removed.  Remaining to do is dismantling of the shed on the south side of the building.  The bar fridge and ice-maker are going to be replaced shortly.  We are well on the way to restoring the clubhouse to a more attractive facade.  My thanks to Ken Campbell, Ton Du Crocq, Adrian Renkers, Ken Bucholz, Chris Palmer, George Elder, Warren Le Grice, Devin Campbell, Sophia Campbell, Paul Monchamp, and  Bob Bryan for their dedication to the cleaning up of the clubhouse.

The SMS document is now ready to be submitted to the Safety Committee and the Board.  There was a slight delay in the editing of the document but is finally done.  Once reviewed, the document will be presented to the membership for ratification.  I am very pleased with the result and am confident that it will be supported by our membership.

The recent announcement of flying rate increases has stirred active discussion amongst the membership.  I would remind members that criticizing ideas is perfectly legitimate but engaging in personal attacks is unacceptable. Please be mindful of this as we move forward in the coming days.

Until September, happy flying.  Stay safe.

Ken Funk
Abbotsford Flying Club

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