July 10 Cleanup Party

President Ken organized yet another clubhouse cleanup party.

At 0900 hrs sharp the work crew got treated to coffee and donuts, courtesy of Ken Funk. After that it was time to get serious and dismantle the decayed structure south of the Butch Merrick room. The remains were loaded on Chris Palmer’s pickup truck and carted off to the dump. President Ken gave the now exposed siding a thorough power washing. Next up was the old wood clad bar fridge and the ice maker. That fridge was already in use when I joined the club 40 years ago.

The 3 wheeled barbecue got its well deserved retirement too.

The following people provided the muscle for the cleanup:

Ken Funk
Ken Campbell
Devin Campbell
Chris Palmer
Adrian Renkers
Dan Renaud
George Elder and
Mike Garrett.

Mike just showed up and got recruited to lend his young muscles to help out. Mike has his private pilot’s license and is interested in joining our club.

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