President’s Column – November 2021

In the throes of this vicious pandemic, with victory remaining frustratingly elusive, I am moved to appeal to the 10% who eschew vaccination to examine closely the self-proclaimed experts’ advice against the need for immunization. We have been fortunate so far at the Abbotsford Flying Club, by the stringent application of the current Public Health Orders, but we cannot afford to relax our diligence prematurely. We are soon to be offered a third Covid shot to boost our waning immunity, and I hope members will need little reminding of the importance of this. In fact, just as the regular annual ‘flu shots, these Covid boosters could become an annual obligation.

It is not, in some ways, unlike the need for continuing education in aviation. Especially for those of us who can only manage a few hours of flying a year, the Transport Canada minimum requirements for currency are woefully inadequate. That is why we feel strongly that the club should support our internal efforts to keep up to date by offering courses on various aspects of aviation, at no cost, and available live through Zoom and Webex. Warren Legrice’s courses originating in his popular IMC series, and now expanded to appeal to flyers at all levels of competence, will be resuming soon, and I cannot recommend them strongly enough. We are fortunate indeed to have access to his wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to the safety of all of us who fly.

We start the new term with an energetic and enthusiastic Board comprised of several new-comers and a bunch of weathered veterans, and I am optimistic that working together we can tackle the issues effectively as they arise, but meantime remembering that the flying we do at the club is, at the end of the day, supposed to be enjoyable. So, stay healthy, stay current, and continue to support the unique Abbotsford Flying Club.

Chris Palmer, MD.

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