A/C Candidate List

Candidates for the club’s next airplane must meet the criteria below.  Please use the form below to add a submission to the list.  Click here to view the submissions.

  • Inexpensive (relative to current club aircraft to operate.  Must burn noticeably less fuel.  Must be newer to help avoid maintenance associated with old airframes.
  • Built on or after year 2000.
  • Should have a standard cruise fuel burn of around 5 gallons per hour (gph).
    • Engine should be modern design, preferably one with auto-mixture.
    • Concerns were expressed with maintenance support for Jabiru engines.
  • Useful load of 550 pounds (minimum).
    • This will not be a heavy hauler as the club already has GMA and IUK for that purpose.
  • Cruise speed of 100 mph desired.
  • All-metal construction preferred for durability in rental environment.
    • Concerns expressed that tube and fabric construction may be too fragile and composite structures can be very hard to fix if damaged.  Any composites used must not be structural or carry flight loads.
  • Aircraft can be factory-built or amateur-built.
    • Aircraft would be maintained to commercial standards the same as existing club planes, regardless of construction.
  • Tricycle gear only.  No amphibs.
  • Relative ease of entry preferred.  Most high-wing designs allow for this.
  • Cabin width should be 42 inches wide minimum.  Bubble doors preferred.
  • Adjustable seats or adjustable rudder pedals preferred.
  • Simple/minimal VFR panel.