AFC Elections 2021 – All Candidates List

As per the BC Societies Act and the AFC Bylaws, the AFC will elect a new Board of Directors at its 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday October 13, 2021.

The Nominations Committee has put forth a list of candidates for Board positions for consideration by the membership at the AGM.  In addition to this list, additional candidates can be nominated from the floor at the AGM.  As such, more members have expressed intention to run for the Board in advance of the meeting and will be nominated from the floor.

To allow club members more time to consider all the candidates and make a more informed choice during the vote at the AGM, this page provides information about all the candidates.

As we near the AGM, other names can be added to this list.  Any members interested in running for the AFC Board who wish to be added to the list should have the following information provided in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of this page:

  1. A nomination from a fellow member for a nominee.
  2. A response, e.g. accept or decline, to the nomination from the nominee.
  3. Include a brief (~200 words) statement of your platform which may include items such as their vision, club history, experience, ideas, intent, etc.  The statement is optional but encouraged.  If you wish to provide additional information, you may submit a separate document to the Secretary and it will be linked at the bottom of your section.

With the above information, the candidate’s name and platform statement will appear in the list of candidates below (sorted in alphabetical order in each section).

Please be mindful of your comments and submissions and ensure they meet our Community Terms of Engagement and our Code of Conduct.

Candidates for the 2021-2022 AFC Board

Names below with a * beside them will be nominated from the floor at the AGM.  Details of their nomination can be found in the page comments.


Dean Bryan

Click here for Dean’s Candidate Statement

Chris Palmer

Click here to read Chris’ Candidate Statement

Kevin Lacroix The candidate has withrawn their candidacy.


Warren LeGrice *

Click here to read Warren’s Candidate Statement

Luciano Nisi *

Click here for Luciano’s Candidate Statement


Devin Campbell

Click here to read Devin’s Candidate Statement

Amarvir Sundher

Amar Sundher *

Click here to read Amar’s Candidate Statement

Steve Stewart The candidate has withrawn their candidacy.


Mark Thibault *

Click here to read Mark’s Candidate Statement

Bevan Tomm *

Click here to read Bevan’s Candidate Statement


NOTE:  There are 6 directors (max.) to be elected at the AGM.

Ken Campbell *

Clark Closkey *

Cole Forman

Click here for Cole’s Candidate Statement.

Al Hassan

Randy Kelley *


Ken McKeen *

Click here for Ken’s Candidate Statement


Dustin Stratford

Click here to read Dustin’s Candidate Statement




Natasha Cummings The candidate has withrawn their candidacy.


2-year Airshow Board

Below are declared candidates for Airshow Board (two positions to be elected).

Ledell Kendall *

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

Click here to read Steve’s Candidate Statement for the airshow board position

Tom Timm

Tom Timm

Click here to read Tom’s Candidate Statement for the airshow board position.

38 thoughts on “AFC Elections 2021 – All Candidates List

  1. steve stewart

    I hereby withdraw my candidacy for the office of Treasurer, and ask that members instead vote for Amarvir Sundher. Amar’s business qualifications and experience will be valuable in filling this role. He was previously a most active Membership Chair, successfully bringing in a significant number of valuable new members. New members obviously contribute annual dues; but more importantly, they increase our aircraft hours flown; and their highest value is the expertise, energy, and new ideas they bring to helping run the club.
    Steve Stewart

  2. Luciano Nisi

    I nominate Mark Thibault for Secretary or General Director.

    Mark has shown himself to be a highly dedicated, passionate and skilled web designer, as a member of many of the clubs committee’s. Mark has held multiple past positions as director and would be well served to administer our club as Secretary as a primary role, or as a director. Marks ability to ensure clear positive communications both written and verbal would serve the club well in any club discussions and future improvements.

    1. Mark Thibault

      I accept the nomination for both positions and would be glad to serve in either.

  3. Mark Thibault

    I nominate Amar Sundher for the position of Treasurer.

    Amar holds a diploma in business as well as working towards a degree in the field. Amar also holds a senior account manager role at a leading firm based in the Fraser Valley. This education and experience positions him well to be effective as club Treasurer.

  4. Kevin Lacroix

    I nominate Bevan Tomm for Secretary. Bevan’s attention to detail and commitment to the club for many many years make him a tremendous asset. I look forward to a seamless transition of duties to Bevan.

    If the election process will not allow member names to cascade into running for board positions that would usually be done in sequence, I nominate Bevan Tomm for board member.

    1. Bevan

      I accept the nomination for Secretary (or Director should I not be elected for Secretary).

    1. Devin Campbell

      After discussing with several other members, I remove my acceptance for secretary

  5. Chris Palmer

    Thanks, Adrian, for nominating me for President. I accept, and withdraw my candidacy for VP.

  6. Devin Campbell

    Warren LeGrice asked me to submit this becuase he is having issues connecting to the website.

    “I wish to nominate Clark Closkey for the position of director”

    Warren LeGrice

  7. Adrian Renkers

    I hereby nominate Chris Palmer as president for the AFC. Chris has accepted.

  8. Devin Campbell

    I am confused as to why lidell has been removed from the list, not even crossed out. she was nominated by myself and accepted the nomination for airshow director. Why was she removed from the list? Should the nominee and nominator not be notified of this?

    1. Aug Rinz

      There is no reason for Ledell to be excluded from nomination for airshow board as one only has to be an associate or sustaining member in good standing to run for appointment to the airshow board. Perhaps this page has not been updated to reflect this?

      Nontheless, her name will appear on the Election Buddy ballot

      1. Devin Campbell

        Thank you augie. She was on the list above until a couple of days ago and them her name disappeared. Thank you for.your help with this.

      2. Tom Timm

        In fact there is no requirement to even be a member of the AFC to be appointed to the Airshow Board by the AFC. The AFcan appoint any person we choose, member or not, to the Airshow Board.
        It is only Flying Club Directors who must be sustaining members as per 5.1 of the bylaws, and that includes only those positions listed in 5.2. It does not apply to the Airshow Board appointments.

  9. Clark Closkey

    I nominate Warren LeGrice for Vice President of the AFC.
    Warren LeGrice

    ” Crew and passengers on scheduled airlines in North America enjoy an excellent safety record, due to the adherence to Standard Operating Procedures, Professionalism and Continuous Learning. There is no reason why members of the AFC and their passengers, should not expect anything less. My goal for the Club is to assist in the pursuit of that level of knowledge and performance.”

    1. Mark Thibault


      In the past when we had in-person AGMs, when someone was nominated for a named position, e.g. President, and then not elected, they might still be willing to serve as a Director. As such, they would normally be nominated from the floor for the Director position and then get a chance to be elected for that position.

      In the current age of online elections, the same thing is accomplished by a candidate having their name in both a named position and as a director. If they get the named position, they cannot be elected as a director. If they don’t get the named position, they can still get a director position. Or, they can fail to get either if they don’t get enough votes.

  10. Mark Thibault

    I nominate Steve Stewart for the 2021-2022 Board for the position of Treasurer.

    Steve’s vast experience serving the AFC as past President for 5 years, his service in other Board positions, his thorough understanding of the club’s financial structure, and his service as Treasurer for the airshow make him an excellent candidate for the job.

    Mark Thibault

  11. steve stewart

    if someone will nominate me, I am ready to stand as a candidate for the office of Treasurer

    1. Ledell Kendall

      I accept the nomination. Having volunteered at the Airshow for many years and ran the campground for the airshow many times. I feel I’m a good fit for this position.

  12. Mark Thibault

    I nominate Luciano Nisi for the 2021-2022 Board for either VP or general director.

    Luciano’s history of strong service to the club and his continued efforts to better the club, especially in Flight Safety, make him a good fit for the next Board.

    Mark Thibault


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