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AFC Membership Committee Meeting – 2020-08-04

Membership Committee Meeting

Call to order:  1905

Present:  Dirk Sieber, Amar Sundher, Mark Thibault, Ruth Wiebe.



Review of Applicants

  • Davinder Brar – recommended.
  • Ted Charles – recommended.
  • Avery Quinn – recommended.
  • Darryl Haaheim – recommended.
  • David McLachlan – recommended.
  • Paul Moore – recommended.
  • Bote Sha – recommended.
  • Owen Tiertle – recommended.


Dues / Fees – Ruth

Some discussion on membership dues was had with regards to the current COVID-19 situation.



The AFC patches are in.  They’ll offered to new members as an alternative to a club hat.


Adjourned: 19:46.

Flight Safety Committee Meeting – 2020-07-29


Luciano Nisi (chair), Ryan Grendus, Mark Thibault.

Meeting Called to Order:  19:40 via Zoom online virtual meeting.


Minute of Silence observed for Erissa Yong-Wilson.

SPOT Trace trial in GMA and IUK

It works in GMA.  More testing in IUK to be done.

IUK Winch Damaged

Discussed options to improve training to prevent in future incidents.

Parking Near Helicopters

Recent occurence with one of our aircraft was discussed.

Risk homeostasis: Reducing risk does not necessarily reduce accidents

Discussion on concept from Transport Canada article.

Weight & Balance Calculator



Taxiway wildflowers.

Some members and hangar tenants at YXX may have noticed the wildflowers growing at the edges of the taxiways around the YXX hangars. They are wild flowers but they are not spontaneous colonists. The YXX Hangar operation operated by our club planted them, along with many others.

Last year at this time, the weather was very dry. The hangar operation had completed the taxiway paving project, and filled in all the edges with new soil. They also bought a supply of wildflower seed, intending to sow it all along the edges. But the weather was just too dry, for too long, so they kept the seed for this year.

Back at the end of March, when the weather was as wet as it still is, Steve Stewart sowed that seed everywhere there was bare soil. Maybe the conditions were not ideal, or maybe the flowers got choked out by the grass and the clover. But recently, Steve confirmed that at least some of the flowers have come up in at least eight places. They are most prominent in that little heap of soil at the south end of our west hangar.

Hopefully they can continue to come up and the mowing crew can carefully avoid cutting them down or driving over them.