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AFC New Year’s Party

The  New Year’s dinner party that was organised by Clark Closkey was an overwhelming success.

The table centrepieces were made by Jeanette Campbell. We had real table cloths, courtesy of Leanne and Murray Webb.

44 steaks were served with salads, onions and more than 20 pounds of Jill Greystone’s mushrooms. There was also a great selection of desserts to choose from.

The dress code turned out to be an exercise in elegance. It looked more like a captain’s dinner on a cruise ship instead of a club function. Well done ladies and gentlemen.

Adrian did a head count at 1030 pm and out of 44 people, 42 were still there. It appeared that everyone had doubled up on their Geritol.

Happy new year!

Adrian, Ken and Chris

Adrian, Clark and Chris

Cheers from Clark!

Ton hard at work

Cheryl and Bevan

Didn’t see a thing, didn’t hear a thing, Didn’t say a thing!

Everyone get into the picture! Devin, Vanessa, Sophia and Liam

MISTER Palmer!

Dave Van Ember and Mary Ann from Chilliwack (Dave maintains Chris’ Yukon)

Clark with precious cargo!

Valerie at the mushroom station

Duncan and Chris

Jill prepping her wonderful mushrooms!

Ken the grillman

Ken and Clark

Tables are laid

Ladies hard at work; Barb, Jan and Linda

Man, Fire and Food!

Waiting for supper


Roast Pig Hawaiian Social

On Saturday September 8, the club hosted a Hawaiian-themed pot-luck social.  Member and chef Lorenzo Simion treated everyone to an awesome roasted pig, a process which began at 10:00 and was done by 18:00.  There were many other tasty dishes brought in by members and their families to add to the main course.

Many thanks to all the people who helped make this event happen.

To credit Apple’s co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak, the simple formula below applies:

Happiness = Food, Fun and Friends

Well done, everyone!

Below are some pictures from the event.  Click here for the full gallery.


Wings & Wheels coming up – May 26, 2018

Volunteer help is needed, especially immediately at 8 am (was 7:30 last year) to get the car parking lines going.  Also during the day assisting arrivals and departures. It is casual and easy to do, not an all day commitment.  Contact Ed for details.

This event happens rain or shine.  Food is purchased and we are fully committed.

Wings ‘n’ Wheels
Abbotsford Flying Club (CYXX)
Saturday May 26th 08:00 to 15:00
All welcome – Rain or Shine
Airplane, Car and Motorcycle awards
Grass area parking around clubhouse
Early arrivals and camping available Friday
Free and friendly event, no registration

Free coffee 08:00. Brunch 9:30 to 12:00 $8
Live music. Cash Draws, Awards 12:30

Ruth: 778.808.5887 ,  Ed: 604.538.3814

Click here for more event details.

Saint Patrick’s Day Limerick Competition

There were only two entries to the competition this year, but both were original works, written especially for the event.

The runner-up, written by Steve Stewart was:

Doctor Palmer was a farmer
He looked like Willie Nelson.
He braided his hair.
He just didn’t care!
And sometimes he wore it with bells on.

The winner was written by Chris Palmer:

There was an ex-prezzie called Steve,
Thought composing a sort of reprieve,
He grew his hair long,
Like L van Beethoven,
But his playing made everyone leave.

Judging was by imaginary ‘clapometer’

First prize was a can on Guinness

Second prize was the sense that true art transcends the value of such fleeting material awards, and lasts longer – even longer than the head on Guinness.

2018 Pool Tournament Finals

In the semi finals team Millie Watson and Steve Stewart beat team Carol Hamilton and Gerry Crapo.

Team Tony and George Elder eliminated team Richard Bauch and Bevan Tomm.

The big final game featured pool shark Steve Stewart and his protege Millie Watson against the other pool shark George Elder and his spouse Tony.

The latter team took advantage of some unfortunate moves by their opponents to win the trophy in two games straight.

– Adrian Renkers