Another Interesting 2-Seater

Zenith CH 750 Cruzer

Category: Amateur-built normal.
Builder: Amateur or ready-to-fly built by professionals (licensed shop).
Cost: $80k used, $125k new
Construction: All-metal
Engine: 100hp Rotax 912uls (5gph) or 912is (4gph). Other options avail (e.g. UL 350is).
Cruise speed: 118mph
Takeoff Roll / Landing Roll: 350ft
Climb: 1200ft/m
Useful load: 660lbs (@ 1440lbs gross).
Cockpit width: 50in (with bubble doors, 42in without).
Seats: sliding and adjustable
Flight Controls: Central Y-stick for easy ingress/egress. Dual sticks an option.
Fuel capacity: 30gal

Click here or the picture below for more detail.

1 thought on “Another Interesting 2-Seater

  1. Lorenzo Simion

    I’m sure I’ll triple my flight time with this airplane ! 🙂



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