Outstanding Member Achievement 2018

AFC President Ken presented Certificates of Appreciation to the following worthy recipients:

Bevan Tomm – Glastar acquisition

Randy Engh – great work with YXX Hangars, Airshow Campground

Jim Hendriks – mowing lawns, trimming hedges

Mark Thibault – First Flights for Kids (10 years)

Ron Becker – First Flights for Kids (10 years)

Ed Boon – Airshow, Flyouts, Wings and Wheels,

Lorenzo Simion – Amazing job on the pig roast

Warren LeGrice – Carpet shampoo-er, IMC / VMC Club, painter

Andy Halychuk – Warren’s right-hand man, safety committee

Zoltan Kondakor and Glen Rostron– always helping out, shampooing carpets

Murray Webb – bar, kitchen, events, all around amazing guy

Well done everyone!

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