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Hope Air helps to relieve the stress of travelling to healthcare so that patients can focus on what is truly important – their health.

Hope Air is a national charity that arranges free flights for Canadians in financial need who must travel to healthcare far from home. Since its establishment in 1986, Hope Air has arranged more than 130,000 free flights to healthcare. This has impacted countless Canadian families over the years.

For so many Canadians, the journey to better health doesn’t start at the door of the hospital.  Getting to an appointment can mean a drive of over 12 hours each way, a long and sometimes painful journey for someone who is seeking treatment for serious illness.  A flight to medical care reduces travel time so that Hope Air’s Clients can get to their appointments comfortably and get back home to their families faster.

“We’re not an airline, we’re a lifeline”

Give Hope Wings

In June / July 2019, Give Hope Wings takes to the air again with a three-week, 12,000 km flying expedition across British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska. The flight is comprised of three aircraft owned by Dave McElroy, Steve Drinkwater and Ian Porter. This is the second major Give Hope Wings expedition to raise awareness and funds for Hope Air, Canada’s iconic charity which provides free flights to Canadians in financial need who must get to health care far from home. But Give Hope Wings – The Northwest Expedition is much more than a fund-raiser: It’s an idea stemming from the passions of four pilots, these three men plus Lise Ash – all four of whom have passions for generosity, flying and camaraderie.

In early 2018, Dave and two other partners flew around South America as Give Hope Wings, raising over $500,000 for Hope Air. In September, soon after Dave had presented this remarkable story to a crowd at Abbotsford Airport, he was approached by Lise, a recently minted pilot. She asked if Give Hope Wings was considering another flight and pledged her support as a major sponsor if this were to come to pass. Bingo: Give Hope Wings – The Northwest Expedition was born. Since that time, Steve and Ian have joined the project with their aircraft, and this exciting expedition is now well along in its planning: logistics, operations, website, fund-raising, etc.

The crew are now also actively canvassing for Volunteer Flight Crew Members – generous Hope Air Donors who want to “pay it forward,” share this great adventure and experience the penultimate bucket-list adventure. This is a chance to explore huge parts of North America’s northwest corner from a comfortable, high-visibility seat which is only available in a light aircraft. What an experience!


Our very own member, Lise Ash is working very hard on this project and can use your support! Please visit her fundraising page at


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