Member Dues Reduction 2020/2021

Dear Members,

You may have noticed that we’ve granted a 20% reduction in dues for the upcoming year 2020/2021.  We understand that these are tough times and that following the advice of the Provincial Health Authority means that restrictions on the use of the clubhouse.

We have already had a few e-mails back from members reflecting a wide spectrum of feelings on the matter, so here are some questions you have asked along with some answers.

Why are you spending so much?

We are able to portion out 20% of annual dues because of the income from the Hangar Corporation.  The vision, will and persistence of the members who set up YXX is paying off and keeping us in good financial health.  Many clubs are having to increase their dues owing to the fact that COVID protocols cost more and restrictions mean less income.

Why are you only giving me so little?

Based on Flight operations having been closed for two months, we calculated that a 20% reduction would be a fair amount.  We have a lot of fixed costs that need to be paid (see “What do my dues actually cover?”, below) and we don’t know how long the Pandemic will last.  Some have likened the Pandemic to a marathon, but marathon runners have said that marathons have a set, known end.

When will the club house be open to members again?

We will be guided by the Provincial Health Authority on this.  Board members are querying Provincial health resources to find out what we can do.  Keep in mind that 1) we don’t employ serving or cleaning staff who are bound to follow WorkSafe BC legislation 2) we are a club of volunteers 3) we don’t know how long these restrictions will last.

What do my dues actually cover?

In the simplest terms, the dues cover membership.  Income from various sources such as airshow activities, which include dues, cover our expenses.

So what are our fixed cost expenses?

  • Building – lease costs, heating, water, hydro, Telus (currently off), garbage, miscellaneous supplies
  • Administration – Accounting, member expenses (fuel), collection of member dues
  • Aircraft – Maintenance, repairs, insurance, registration, hangar costs

Why deferrals for hardship cases?

Not all of us are avoiding the impacts of COVID restrictions.  In special cases, and to preserve the membership, we are offering to defer membership dues.  Deferral does not mean that we are losing money or “subsidizing” younger peoples’ memberships, because the amount will still be owed.  The understanding is that there is a future time when they will be employed again and able to pay their fair share.  Providing support to all of our members in their time of need means that they get aid and assistance when they need it most. This also builds stronger sense of community culture within our club.

Thanks for your interest in this subject.  Please know that we’re doing our best to deal with a largely unknown situation in uncertain times.  Safety is a paramount concern and without knowing when this situation will draw to a conclusion we must act to sustain the club and care for its members.

1 thought on “Member Dues Reduction 2020/2021


    Need to know the actual member dues and the social(other membership dues).i also need to know how to pay …prefer cheque but payable to ? And mail to or leave in secure club location? Thanks
    I am asking because I just realised that I have not been receiving club notices….have no idea how many you have sent so do not know which I have not received.


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