Clubhouse cleanup party

Sunday may 30 started out with breakfast for five at Rivers at 0800 hrs, courtesy of President Ken. Afterward, we went to the club, where we were joined by another 8 people for a much-needed clubhouse cleanup party. After more than a year of neglect, due to COVID, the building’s siding had started to look like an old-growth forest, with moss and lichens colouring the building a lush green.
To remedy this situation, Chris Palmer brought his gas-powered pressure washer and President Ken supplied his electric one. We were now faced with a problem, how to turn on the water. Here Duncan came to the rescue. Next to the club’s entrance lies a steel plate, under which is a pit that holds the main water shutoff valve. Duncan volunteered to lower himself into the dungeon and got the water flowing. Greg Reeder cleaned the back patio walls, floors, barbecue, picnic tables, and all the chairs. Clark, Ton DuCrocq, Duncan, president Ken, and Adrian took care of the other walls. Just pressure washing was not good enough to remove the green growths. A firm application of brushing was needed to make the siding look white again.
Dan Renaud and his wife Virginia, with assistance from Chris Hibbert washed all the blinds and windows. Pat Ulicki concentrated her efforts on the cleanup of the kitchen.
Devin Campbell and President Ken gave the rhododendrons at the club’s entrance a much-needed radical pruning.
Ken Campbell managed to get the riding mower going and made the lawn around the clubhouse look respectable again.
Ton DuCrocq helped out, filling 8 garbage bags.
Barbara came to check on our progress and was right away redirected to Tim Hortons by president Ken to get coffee, doughnuts and muffins for the crew. Thanks Ken.
We got done what we set out to do in less than four hours. A job well done.
– Adrian Renkers

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