AFC Elections 2020 – Presidential Runoff Election

As the result of the AGM held on October 14 did not produce a result for the position of President, the AFC must conduct a runoff election to choose between the two candidates below.

Please be mindful of your comments and submissions and ensure they meet our Community Terms of Engagement and our Code of Conduct.

Candidates for the 2020-2021 President

Ken Funk

AFC Member — 10 years
AFC Previous Board Experience — Past President (2015/2016)
AFC Participation — Pilot for First Flight for Kids, Fly past participant,
TGIF, Wings and Wheels;
Pilot for 40 years; 1000 hours as PIC; Owned a Mooney for 10 years;
Attended OSHKOSH airshow 4 times
Community involvement – went on 20 international medical missions for Rotaplast nternational, performed free surgeries on cleft lip/palate patients; President of Abbotsford Rotary Club; Owned and operated Golden Valley Foods for 37 years.

Reason for Running:
To return the club back into a more positive, member oriented organization.  Having witnessed the continuing mistreatment of club members and hanger tenants, the key issues are:
• The need for more transparency,
• The reduction of excessive rules that hamper members use of club aircraft,
• The need for a strategic long term plan, and
• A review of the membership application process.

* CLICK HERE for an additional document from Ken with more detail.


Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

I have been elected to the AFC Board seven times, fives times as President. I have been a member of the airshow board continuously since 2008. Since 2015 I have been a Director of YXX Hangar Rentals ltd, which runs the hangar operation. So, I am familiar with the tasks, pressures, and responsibilities involved in being AFC President.

However, the focus of this statement is not the past. More important is where we go from here. Next year the club will celebrate its 60th anniversary, and I believe we need to develop a vision for the next 40 years, to take the club to its centenary. From that vision we can create a strategic plan; for things like aircraft ownership, the clubhouse, and the hangar operation. We then need consensus on our approach to decisions such as when to buy and sell aircraft. Our current finances are still in recovery mode, and depend heavily on the income from the hangars. I would like to see that income become dedicated to strategic acquisitions and development of aircraft and buildings, that will move us forward into the future. We also need to stabilise our politics, and remove them from the conduct of general meetings. This is achievable, if good will takes precedence over the spirit of disruption.

I joined the club in 2003, after obtaining my PPL in 2002. My connection to aviation began in 1975, when I started to study Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Bristol. After that I worked for British Aerospace, as a Mechanical Systems Engineer, on Nimrod MR2, Nimrod AEW, HS748, HSATP, and Vulcan.

* CLICK HERE for an additional document from Steve with more detail.


3 thoughts on “AFC Elections 2020 – Presidential Runoff Election

  1. Adrian Renkers

    When Bevan Tomm was elected to the YXX board and also to the AFC board, he was sent an email in March 2018 by Steve Stewart that it was inappropriate for him as a club board member to serve on the YXX Hangar corporation board, so Bevan resigned from the YXX board.
    Now Steve Stewart is running for president of the AFC while he is already on the YXX board.
    So why is he even running for the position of president of the AFC. Is he going to resign from the YXX board if elected president of the AFC, or will he step down from the YXX board if elected president of the AFC?
    Adrian Renkers.

  2. Tom Timm

    I voted for Steve Stewart in the first round of this election. I will continue to support Steve and I would like to explain why, with the hope that I can convince some of you who did not vote for him, or did not vote at all in the first round, to vote for Steve in the runoff.

    I respect both of the candidates for President. I believe that both have the best interests of the Abbotsford Flying Club at heart, however I support Steve, because I believe that he has the more positive, forward looking, inclusive, and constructive vision for the Club.

    If you listened to the candidate’s speeches in the first round, and if you read their statements on this blog you will see that Steve’s perspective is the more constructive, less critical, and more unifying of the two. Steve is looking to the future of the club, not the division of the past several years. We need to work hard to leave behind the animosity and division that has dominated this club for the past several years. If we want to unify this club, Steve’s is the kind of perspective that we need.

    While looking to the future, Steve also appreciates the long history of the AFC as well as the Abbotsford Airshow. He does not disrespect our past. In fact he is a very long standing member of the club. He has co-authored a book on the early years of the Abbotsford Airshow, including how it was started by the AFC.

    Steve has proven his willingness to work hard for the AFC by his many years of service. He has not only served on the Board of this club, but also as a director of the YXX hangar corporation, and as the President of the Abbotsford International Airshow Society.

    In the upcoming runoff election I urge you to vote for Steve Stewart.

  3. Bob Leroux

    AFC President – Considerations for Voting

    For the upcoming AFC Presidential Runoff Election, in deciding for whom I vote, I believe it is important to consider many aspects, directly or indirectly impacting the overall long-term benefit and stability of the Abbotsford Flying Club. I intend to think with my head rather than with my heart. Some of the aspects that I will consider include the following:

    • Considering that both candidates have held the position of president in past years, their length of time serving as previous club president
    • The past contributions and value added to the club in various ways while holding the position as president, that have benefited the club past and present, and may do so in the future
    • Their club activities and involvement while being a general club member
    • The campaign statements posted by the two individuals on the club website, including their supplemental information statements
    • Their present personal aviation activities that enable the candidate to relate to club members activities and the local aviation community
    • Their continuing interest to keep informed and active with general aviation activities that the club is involved with at the Abbotsford International Airport and elsewhere in the region
    • Their ability and willingness to devote the considerable amount of time required to carry out the duties and functions as president
    • Their vision for the future for the Abbotsford Flying Club.

    Bob Leroux
    AFC Club Member


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