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Air Traffic Control

Airspace inefficiency being exposed due to lack of air traffic


Covid-19 has exposed the inefficiencies that exist in current airspace arrangements.

With air traffic at only 30%-40% of normal levels, flight distances in Europe have reduced by an

average of 30 miles1 with an overall route saving amounting to some 30,000 miles each day. For


  • Edinburgh-Gatwick: 357 flight miles reduced to 322 (with a 304kg or 12% fuel saving).
  • Frankfurt-Heathrow 410 flight miles reduced to 380.
  • Brussels-Dublin 482 flight miles reduced to between 402 and 412.

While these savings occur when reduced traffic density permits more direct routing, what savings might be possible, even at full capacity? How can increasing numbers of urban air mobility flying machines and unmanned vehicles be absorbed in the future?


Girl Guides earn their Aeronautics Badge at the AFC.

On Monday May 28, a local Girl Guides unit attended the AFC to earn their Aeronautics Badge.  Jeannette from Principal Air and Michelle from Abbotsford tower (Nav Canada) generously helped with presentations on airplanes and air traffic control respectively.

The girls started with a ground school session at the clubhouse and then went to the tower for a tour of their operations.  They finished up the evening in the club hangar with an inspection of the club’s aircraft.

Thanks very much to Jeannette and Michelle for helping to make the evening a success.

Mark Thibault