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Robbie Burns night at the AFC

On January 24, 2020, we gathered for a festive evening to celebrate the life of the charismatic Scottish poet and romantic lyricist, Robert Burns, who was born on January 25th, 1759.

Several club members wore appropriate Scottish attire and the Scotch Whiskey was flowing generously to lighten up the spirts.

We were treated to a Bag Piper, Stu McIntosh, from Cascade Aerospace, who was on hand to “pipe in” the Haggis. The Address to the Haggis was read with great expression and flair by Chris Palmer. Shortly thereafter, the Haggis was served with “neeps and tatties” (Turnips and mashed potatoes), gravy and other edible goodies.

For the pleasure of the ladies present, Dianne Beaton later read poems written by the flamboyant lover, Robbie Burns.

We were entertained later in the evening with The Bag piper, Stu McIntosh, and our own Highland dancer, none other than Bobbie Lacroix. It was quite an enjoyable evening shared by many club members and guests.

Wings and Wheels 2019

Dear Wings and Wheels Volunteers,

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you – this year our Wings and Wheels event went off quite well!  Despite the rain and the fact that the “Fly-In” was more of a “Taxi-In” your high spirits, welcoming hearts and “can-do” attitudes turned it into a fun, cozy and smooth-running event!  We provided a safe and secure place for the wings and the wheels, a hearty breakfast for fifty three guests and some enchanting entertainment.

There are just too many people to mention – and I’m terrible at remembering, so please forgive any of my memory lapses.  Firstly, I’d like to express a special thank you to Ed Boon.  Despite wanting to hand off the Wings and Wheels event two years ago, he’s put in a great effort and made things work.  We had lots of great help from Ruth, Steve, Mark and Lorenzo on the preparation and setup in the weeks leading up to the event.  Holes were filled, fences erected, stages set up, critical equipment secured – not to mention the planning, marketing and other thinking that went into the endeavor.  On the day before Wings and Wheels there was a huge set up effort.  During the event itself, one of my secret activities (while the eggs are cooking away) is to step back and observe the hum of activity that goes on while we’re hosting an event.  It’s spectacular!  I saw Murray, Jan, Barb and Val buzzing away in the kitchen and the dining area.  Clark was handing out sausages with Val helping.  Murray presided over the settings, making sure that condiments, juices and syrup kept flowing.  Meanwhile, in the kitchens, Bob ran the cooking operation with an eagle eye and a ready laugh to keep people encouraged.  Bob Leroux and Adrian were everywhere, snapping photos and documenting the action!  The hardcore troopers, Aug and Kevin were out on the field directing the vehicles and aircraft into position – it was cold and wet work on this rainy May day!  Inside, Dirk and his wife Susan took money, sold tickets and kept a tally on incoming customers.  I heard many positive comments from the Mayor and his graceful wife, Velma about the caliber of our club – in particular it’s members; they said we represent the spirit of welcome and adventure that embodies the Abbotsford Community.

Pictures of the event can bee seen on the AFC Facebook page here.


Overall it was a great day – and it was thanks to the skill, dedication and hard work put on by our volunteers.  Thanks to you all!

Robbie Burns Day 2019

Celebration of Robbie Burns Day at the Abbotsford Flying Club. The Haggis arrived preceded by the pipes of Stu McIntosh and the ode delivered by Jason White.
Much good fun and whiskey was had!

Stu McIntosh piping in the Haggis

Jason delivering the Ode to a Haggis

Chris Palmer and the Haggis

Chris Palmer and the Haggis with lots of Whiskey!

Chris and Ken with the Haggis

Chris and piper Stu with the Haggis

AFC New Year’s Party

The  New Year’s dinner party that was organised by Clark Closkey was an overwhelming success.

The table centrepieces were made by Jeanette Campbell. We had real table cloths, courtesy of Leanne and Murray Webb.

44 steaks were served with salads, onions and more than 20 pounds of Jill Greystone’s mushrooms. There was also a great selection of desserts to choose from.

The dress code turned out to be an exercise in elegance. It looked more like a captain’s dinner on a cruise ship instead of a club function. Well done ladies and gentlemen.

Adrian did a head count at 1030 pm and out of 44 people, 42 were still there. It appeared that everyone had doubled up on their Geritol.

Happy new year!

Adrian, Ken and Chris

Adrian, Clark and Chris

Cheers from Clark!

Ton hard at work

Cheryl and Bevan

Didn’t see a thing, didn’t hear a thing, Didn’t say a thing!

Everyone get into the picture! Devin, Vanessa, Sophia and Liam

MISTER Palmer!

Dave Van Ember and Mary Ann from Chilliwack (Dave maintains Chris’ Yukon)

Clark with precious cargo!

Valerie at the mushroom station

Duncan and Chris

Jill prepping her wonderful mushrooms!

Ken the grillman

Ken and Clark

Tables are laid

Ladies hard at work; Barb, Jan and Linda

Man, Fire and Food!

Waiting for supper


Roast Pig Hawaiian Social

On Saturday September 8, the club hosted a Hawaiian-themed pot-luck social.  Member and chef Lorenzo Simion treated everyone to an awesome roasted pig, a process which began at 10:00 and was done by 18:00.  There were many other tasty dishes brought in by members and their families to add to the main course.

Many thanks to all the people who helped make this event happen.

To credit Apple’s co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak, the simple formula below applies:

Happiness = Food, Fun and Friends

Well done, everyone!

Below are some pictures from the event.  Click here for the full gallery.