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General Meeting Minutes – 2019-06-12

General Meeting Minutes – 2019-06-12



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  1. Presentation
  2. Guests
  3. Announcements
    • new members,
    • special events and social,
    • good and welfare
  4. Board Updates (Posted for minutes due to time constraint tonight)
    • President report
    • VP Report
    • Treasurer report
    • Secretary report
    • Safety report
    •  Membership report
    •  Building Maintenance Report
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business
  7. Adjourn



  • Speaker is Trent Stenmark, Manager of Nav Canada CYXX Tower
  • Next month it will be Bob Fatkin
  • Trent will visit again in September

Motion to approve meeting minutes from May General Meeting:

1: Kevin L P 2: Mark T MSC


  • New member introductions,
    • None this month
  • Flyouts,
    • Sunday morning flyouts ongoing!
    • June 20 Vernon
    • Delta airpark
    • Oliver is coming up
    • Campbell River Wings and Wheels
    • Fairmont Hotsprings
    • Let’s do an EAPIS session and get some US airports in our logbooks
  • Special events and Social!
    • First Flights for Kids coming up 15 June this Saturday. Weather looks promising!.
      • Safety briefing at 8:30
      • 144 slots. Need another airplane!
      • 861 Silverfox cadets will be out as well!
    • TGIF always on
    • Airshow:
      • upcoming acts confirmed:
        • USAF: A-10s, C-5 Galaxy, KC-10, KC-135, F-16 Aggressors
        • USN: MH-60S Seahawk helo, and possibly a F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet
        • USCG: HH-65 Dolphin helo from Port Angeles
        • Luftwaffe: Airbus A-400M
        • RCAF: TBD
        • USAF Thunderbirds
  • Good and welfare
    • Wayne Maure passed away on May 7 at the age of 62.
      • Wayne and Clark and Adrian flew in IUK to Whitehorse and back in 2010 in The John Lovelace Midnight Sun Challenge. Gerry Crapo and Steve Stewart did the same in ZHQ.
        Adrian spoke with his mother Rosemary from Penticton and a celebration of Wayne’s life is planned for sometime in July here in the club.
    •  Ron Montie has been released from ARH and is now in Worthington in room 48. He enjoys company, especially if they bring cookies.
    •  George Elder had a pace maker installed on Monday. The procedure went well. He sends his regrets as he’s not allowed to drive for a few more days
    •  Sadly letting you know that Ken Cox died suddenly Monday morning walking on the dyke.
      There will be a service and celebration of life on Saturday in Chilliwack.
      He did the wiring and radio installation on Chris Palmer’s Yukon.
      Great guy, will be missed.

President’s and club Report

  • Wings and Wheels was a success; despite heavy rain, over fifty people showed up.
    • Many thanks to Ed Boon for his efforts on this
    • People got to see SBS out on the field – she’s lovely
  • SBS is online and arrangements for training are being made
    • Ken McKeen is meeting with Coastal tomorrow
    • Ground school was a success and Warren is planning another one for those who missed the first session.
  • First Flights for kids is coming up this weekend.  It should be a lot of fun and it is an event that really shows how we give back to the community.
  • Focus on Airshow volunteering: tonight we have presentations from the Airshow Captains about what kind of work there is to do.  The more volunteers we get, the lighter the load will be.
    • We appreciate all volunteers – those who return every year and those who are coming out for the first time.  Sign up sheets are available in the bar tonight.
    • Ruth Wiebe is working as our SPOC – Single Point of Contact – with the Airshow.  This makes for consistent messaging without unnecessary repetition.  Ruth is doing a great job bringing people together.
  • Thanks to the Dutch Lunch crew for cleaning up – AND for contributing photos to the Newsletter!
    • If you have kudos to give or even just a few photos you’d like to share, please go ahead and submit your story or pictures to
    • Alternatively we also have an instagram account – feel free to post there.  If you are eager to learn how to use instagram, consider buying a beer and having an impromptu tutorial with one of our more tech-savvy members!
  • George presented the metrics that he is tracking. His presentation can be found here

VP Report

  • Speaker is Trent Stenmark, Manager of Nav Canada CYXX Tower
  • Next month it will be Bob Fatkin
  • Trent will visit again in September

Treasurer report

  • Nothing significant this month

Secretary report

  • Reminder that Absent Excused can also be sent to

 Flight Safety report

  • Finalizing the flight review document
  • Updating checklist for SBS
  • IMC/VMC Club 
     The regular IMC/VMC meeting on Saturday June 29 will be the last prior to our summer break. They will resume meetings in September.

Membership report

  • Interviewing some prospective members in the next few weeks
  • Committee is busy

Aircraft Maintenance:

  • Certified: (Brian A)
    • IUK: No issues to report
    • GMA: No issues to report
  • Non-certified (SBS – Bevan)
    •  the engine monitor is back with its upgrade/repair but still waiting for it to be re-installed and tested, hopefully this week. Otherwise SBS is ready

Building Maintenance Report

  • Warren is encouraged that more members are coming forward to assist in keeping the club house neat and tidy. Andy and Warren continue improving the meeting room, with ceiling repair our next task.
    The outside of our facility needs attention especially the flat roof on the east side of the building and the green wooden trim. Much of the wood will require replacement.  The roof replacement is essential  in order to maintain the integrity of the building envelope.

Old Business

  • Nominating committee will be meeting soon, so let Ken Campbell know what you think, good, bad or otherwise.
  • Issue with the lawnmower being locked away and no key available.

New Business

  • There has been a blue and white 1966 Cessna 150 parked on the grass in the compound for the past few weeks – registration C-GCBE.
    It arrived at CYXX with engine trouble, on route from Quesnel to Langley.
    Bakerview found a carburettor problem and some rust in the cylinders.
    Since then, the engine was pulled out, sent to Kamloops for whatever work was necessary, and has been re-installed.
    The rust was there because the aircraft has had so few hours in recent years.
    However, they guy who bought it from Quesnel, for his own training, lost confidence in it, and the original owner agreed to take it back.
    It will go back to Quesnel unless someone here wants to buy it.
    Engine has just 70 hours since rebuild about five years ago.
    UVA did interior and paint a few years ago.
    Owner is Dennis Gaetz, and he wants about $35k for the aircraft. contact
  • Things have been going missing around the club. Please keep an eye out
  • AFC Hangars need volunteers too:
    • All the grass needs cutting – we have a ride-on mower, in storeroom off club hangars.
      • There is no lock inside the hangar
    • New soil can be raked somewhat neater, and we have extra soil for filling in some spots that need it.
    • Floor of Storage Unit XF-F needs painting – bare plywood at present, about 300 to 400 sqft. This space will be used for all club archives, records, and stored memorabilia.
    • We are taking over the four grass tie-down spots south of our lease.
      • There should be existing anchors, that need to be probed for, and restored to operation.
      • This grass needs to be cut as well

Amended minutes removed and replaced into the July General minutes

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday 24 July 18:30
Next General Meeting: 10 July

Motion to Adjourn – 21:30  (Millie Watson)