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General Meeting Minutes – 2020-03-11

General Meeting Minutes – 2020-03-11

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  • Jim Young, IAEpress
  • Brian (Prospective member)
  • Bruce (Wayne Cave’s partner in EFF)
  • Devin Campbell (applying for re-admittance)


  • Gerry Visser to introduce Jim Young who now owns Island Express and is looking for possible investors.
  • Luciano Nisi on PFD’s
  • Steve Kobayashi about the Nav Canada Airspace modernisation project

Call to Order – 21:10 (after presentation)

Motion to approve meeting minutes from February General Meeting

  • 1: Lise.  2: Tom Grozier.   MSC


  • Special events and Social (Murray and Chris Palmer)
    • Pool tournament: The grand finale will take place on March 13
      Should be epic: The battle of the titans.
      Ron Becker and Paul Monchamp vs. Richard Bauch and Bevan Tomm. These guys all take their billiards quite seriously
      And are taking full advantage of the new cloth on the table .
    • Larry Runnals: The Geocaching conference a couple weeks after airshow (GeoWoodstock). The AFC will host a campground on the airport for their campers for the TRADEX event and the AFC will host a Broken Prop on the Saturday. More info to come and we will need some help!
  • Good and Welfare (Adrian Renkers)
    • Ken Campbell had back surgery: Feels better!
    • Captain Lee Fenner
      March 09, 1942 – January 24, 2020

      • Celebration of life tentatively on 2 May more info coming
    • George Elder: 78th birthday
    • Barbara will be 71
    • Donn Richardson will be 88 tomorrow
    • Keith Sim is on the mend
  • New Members introduced:
    • Olivia Kunze
    • Rani Tolton
    • Cole Forman
    • Taylor Belich
    • Mike Hutchinson

Board Updates 

President – George Aung-Thin

  • George presented a powerpoint presentation giving the monthly metrics of the club. Powerpoint presentation can be viewed here.
  • George also talked about new aircraft booking policy. The document can be viewed here.
      • Key discussion surrounds SBS and the issues surrounding the additional investment required to repair the aircraft up to the standards the board deems acceptable which is inline with the recommendation by Bakerview Aviation and the current standards of maintenance equivalent to the other two certified aircraft in the AFC fleet. The crux of this issue is the cracks found in the airframe tubing (and the possibility of more cracks that are currently undiscovered).
      • George discussed the options the board is considering and possibility of selling the aircraft to a member (who self identified as Kevin Lacroix) and this will be considered by the board, and the membership as a whole will be canvassed for other members who might be interested in taking SBS on as a personal project.

Additional board reports captured for minutes only due to time constraints.


Vice President – Dirk Sieber

  • Possibly the month after Bob Leroux may talk about ADSB and EAPIS when heading to the USA

Treasurer – Kevin Mickelby

  • Kevin notes that there are no material financial issues to bring to the members attention at this time

Secretary – Aug Rinz

  • Reminder that Absent Excused can also be sent to email.

Flight Safety – Luciano Nisi

  1. 1) No outstanding flight safety investigations or occurrences
  2. 2) Flight safety meeting on Mar 3 attended by 4 members – If you are interested check the web site for meeting dates and come out and participate.
  3. 3) 10 min safety briefs to be presented at every GM – If you are interested in being a presenter send flight safety chair an email at
  4. 4) Hangar talks to begin on Sat mornings TBA –  Everyone is welcome to present and participate in topics and discussions.
  5. 5) More training videos to be made

Membership – Amar Sundher

  • New Members introduced:
    • Olivia Kunze
    • Rani Tolton
    • Cole Forman
    • Taylor Belich
    • Mike Hutchinson

Aircraft Maintenance – Brian Appaswamy

  • GMA – No issues
  • IUK – IUK heading for an oil change in about 5 or so hours and is booked for the avionics work in April. Keep an eye on the booking sheets
  • SBS – Offline for the foreseeable future due to a multitude of issues that President George spoke to

Building Maintenance

  • Nothing this month.

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • Motion by Gerry Crapo to rescind the $50 booking fee as discussed by George. 1. Gerry C 2. Adrian R Motion Failed

Motion to Adjourn – 22:15 by Bob Roberston