First Flights for Kids – Event Details

Below are important event details for those who have registered online and received their assigned check-in time for our event.  Please read carefully:

CANCELLATIONS – If you are unable to attend the event, please email us at as soon as possible. This way, we can offer the spot(s) to children on our wait list.

Event Updates – Please watch your email carefully and monitor the First Flights event page on the club’s website and our Facebook page for important updates as we get closer to the event.

Arrival – Please arrive on site at the registration desk on site at the Check-In time shown on your ticket. Keep your tickets handy, either in the Eventbrite app on your phone or print them out and bring them with you.

Event Location – The event is held at the Abbotsford airport. Click here for a map showing the location of the club.  Click here for a closer view showing where to park and where to check-in.

Parking – Please park in the designated parking lot across from the clubhouse and look for the Check-In tent to the east of the parking lot nearby the school buildings (corner of Approach Drive & Tower Street). Click here for a closer view look showing where to park.

Check-In – Please arrive with your children at your assigned Check-In time shown on your ticket.  Click here to see the location of the Check-In tent.

Late Arrival – If you are late, you will be placed on stand-by for the next available opening. If you are early, please wait for your assigned Check-In time so we can keep to our schedule.

Event Duration – Plan on being at the event for about 2 hours after you check in.  This includes time for check-in, ground school and the flight itself.  Also, please ensure that you have ID for both yourself and your children.

Waiver – You will be required to sign the AFC’s First Flights for Kids – Waiver
if you’ve not done so already. Please read it prior to the event to ensure you understand its contents:

Weather – The weather for Abbotsford can change prior to the event.  As such, we will wait until Saturday morning to make the final decision and update our website and Facebook page with the event status.

IMPORTANT: Please check the club website or Facebook page on Saturday morning before coming out to the event. We will post the status of the event on our website home page and Facebook page by 7:30 AM.

Health – Please ensure that your children do not have a head cold, stuffed nose or any kind of sinus or ear congestion when they fly. This will help them to avoid suffering any pain or discomfort when the airplane comes back down from altitude to land.

Clothing – Your children will be outside for most of the event. Dress appropriately for the conditions. Please also ensure your children are wearing comfortable & secure clothing (i.e. pants or shorts, no skirts or dresses) and closed-toe shoes (no open sandals, slides or flip-flops).

Seating – Bring a lawn chair if you’d like to be more comfortable while you wait in the spectator area while your children fly.

Food & Drink – Please bring whatever food and drink your child may need for the event.  If your child is predisposed to carsickness, please consider a light breakfast (non-greasy) prior to the event as it’s best to avoid flying on an empty stomach.  We will have water available on site.

Cameras & Photos – You can watch the flight and take pictures from designated viewing areas. Children can bring cameras on the airplanes but must put them away if the pilot asks.

This is a public event and pictures will be taken of the children throughout the day.  We will have a club photographer to take pictures of the children right after their flight.  Those and others will be available on our website after the event.

Pets – No pets are allowed at the event.

Volunteers – Please keep in mind that this event is organized by volunteers and individuals who wish to share their love of flying with your children by donating their time, money and airplanes.