Aircraft Operations At The Hangars

From time to time there may be several aircraft in the process of being pulled out of the hangars, prepared for flight and taxied to the apron. When the doors on some hangars are opened they may block access to other adjacent hangars. If we are at the hangars first, it is courteous to move our aircraft out of our hangar without delay so our doors can be closed and our neighbours can have access to their aircraft.

I am sure that we all recognize that the aircraft must be inspected and prepared for flight and with several aircraft on the taxiways between the hangars there will be some congestion from time to time. There may be similar congestion when several aircraft are returning to the hangars.

We should conduct our pre-flight duties expeditiously and, recognizing that others may also be preparing to fly, should taxi out of the compound without delay. As long as the engine has oil pressure and is running smoothly it is OK to move forward and taxi out of the hangar area. We should not be conducting a run-up between the hangars and not programming our avionics for the planned flight. Others may be preparing for their departure as well and the noise of an aircraft doing a run-up between the hangars is quite considerable and undesirable. The time taken while taxiing to the apron is important for the engine to warm up prior to the run-up. There is lots of space outside of the compound on the apron to conduct a run-up and program our avionics.

Taxiing in a confined area with other aircraft nearby, and maybe several people, sometimes children, is a high risk activity that requires our undivided attention. It is totally unacceptable to taxi between two aircraft that are near each other on adjacent parallel taxiways. This would present an unacceptable risk to all aircraft involved and would be very discourteous to our fellow pilots.

Your professionalism and respect for others would be appreciated by all. Your comments and discussions are most welcomed.

Thank you

Bob Leroux
Abbotsford Flying Club