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President’s Column – November 2021

In the throes of this vicious pandemic, with victory remaining frustratingly elusive, I am moved to appeal to the 10% who eschew vaccination to examine closely the self-proclaimed experts’ advice against the need for immunization. We have been fortunate so far at the Abbotsford Flying Club, by the stringent application of the current Public Health Orders, but we cannot afford to relax our diligence prematurely. We are soon to be offered a third Covid shot to boost our waning immunity, and I hope members will need little reminding of the importance of this. In fact, just as the regular annual ‘flu shots, these Covid boosters could become an annual obligation.

It is not, in some ways, unlike the need for continuing education in aviation. Especially for those of us who can only manage a few hours of flying a year, the Transport Canada minimum requirements for currency are woefully inadequate. That is why we feel strongly that the club should support our internal efforts to keep up to date by offering courses on various aspects of aviation, at no cost, and available live through Zoom and Webex. Warren Legrice’s courses originating in his popular IMC series, and now expanded to appeal to flyers at all levels of competence, will be resuming soon, and I cannot recommend them strongly enough. We are fortunate indeed to have access to his wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to the safety of all of us who fly.

We start the new term with an energetic and enthusiastic Board comprised of several new-comers and a bunch of weathered veterans, and I am optimistic that working together we can tackle the issues effectively as they arise, but meantime remembering that the flying we do at the club is, at the end of the day, supposed to be enjoyable. So, stay healthy, stay current, and continue to support the unique Abbotsford Flying Club.

Chris Palmer, MD.


It’s the mid-1970s and I am flying for CP Air as a Second Officer on the DC-8 series aircraft. This day I have a trip to SFO and back. I had flown with both the Captain and First Officer before, but not together as a crew. The F/O was very experienced and an ex-RCAF pilot. I did not know the Captain’s previous experience but remembered he had some idiosyncrasies. The flight to SFO was routine. Departure out of SFO was with the Captain as the “pilot flying”. In the departure briefing, he made no mention of modifying the procedures. The SOPs require a “heads-up”, sterile cockpit, and no paper work below 10,000 feet. As we climb through 10000 ft, the F/O picks up the Flight Plan to record our takeoff time and starts calculating the waypoint ETAs.

The Captain explodes: “No paper work below 18000 ft in the States!!!”

He then grabs the clipboard from the F/O’s hand, tears the flight plan in half and tosses the pieces and the clipboard across the glareshield in front of the F/O (clatter, clatter). The F/O looks at the Captain in disgust – reaches down, moves the seat adjustment lever, and his chair ratchets back to full aft. He looks at me and says: “This guy isn’t getting any help from me short of him burying us !!”

WHOA!! So much for Crew Concept, CRM, or whatever!

We made it home. Needless to say, it was a stressful flight.

What is the first air exercise taught to a new pilot?

Attitudes and movements.

When flying night or IFR, what instrument does the Pilot scan most often?


So, the attitude of the aircraft must be important.

Let’s expand this beyond the mechanics of flight.

What about the attitudes of the Pilot?

  • Toward their abilities and capabilities.
  • Toward their aircraft’s capabilities and limitations?
  • Toward the weather?

Exceeding these is looking for an accident – maybe fatal!

  • Toward maintenance?
  • Toward ATC?
  • Toward the pilot’s fellow crew members, flight attendants and passengers.

How about toward your Fellow Pilots or a Flying Club member?

For as much as the aircraft’s attitude is monitored, the pilot should constantly monitor and check their personal attitude.

I have found certain principles of flying can be helpful in how I should conduct my actions in Life.

In ALL things I Pray I have a right ATTITUDE!!


Ken Buchholz

President’s Column – October 2021

This will be my final news article for the current year. I would like to thank the membership for their support over the past year.

Your Board achieved several significant accomplishments in a difficult year. Covid and a change in Board membership created a very challenging environment. Regardless, your Board adopted an SMS system including revised SOP’s, demonstrating our commitment to safety. Major renovations to our Clubhouse and a new security system provide a robust and safe environment for the social aspect for our membership. You read details of these accomplishments in the President’s September report. Difficult decisions regarding a fee increase and expulsion of a member are never easy but imperative for the financial and social health of the Club going forward.

Seven of the ten Board members you elected in October 2020 resigned from the Board. Two did not renew their membership, one moved as a result of a work transfer, one resigned for personal reasons and three disagreed with Board decisions. What does this tell the membership? It demonstrates to the membership the AFC has the resources to withstand traumatic events. With these losses, your Board succeeded in accomplishing the aforementioned results and achievements. I want to thank Kevin and Duncan for their steadfast commitment to their Board nomination and election. I want to thank Chris Palmer, Warren LeGrice, Bevan Tomm, Ken McKeen, Randy Kelley and Clark Closkey for stepping up when called upon to assist in difficult decisions made for the benefit of the membership and the sustainability of the Club in the future.

Your current Board ends its term by leaving the club with financial sustainability moving forward and a standard for ethical behaviour, demonstrating an intolerance for inimical behaviour. While constructive discussion is always encouraged and productive, rogue actions and divisiveness can not be tolerated.

I want to thank the Board for having the courage of their convictions. It is a pleasure working with those who understand the definition of good governance and act as effective Board

Just a reminder that the upcoming election is even more critical than last year’s. Please carefully consider your choices and elect those who you believe would best be suited to manage the affairs of the club. The club’s future depends on it.

Finally, a special thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the heavy lifting throughout the year and without whose help we could not have been successful.

Ken Funk

President’s Column – September 2021

With the rapid winding down of the current year, it is appropriate to look back at the accomplishments that have been achieved by the AFC.

Starting with the Airshow, we can say that the camp ground facilities provided by the club were successful.  Everyone that wanted a spot was provided one.  I am not aware of any complaints from our campers, which is a good sign.  Thanks again to all the volunteers who contributed to the success of the camp ground.

A new security system was installed which made accessing the system possible via the internet thus making it much easier to control.  The system was donated, at no cost to the club, by Bevan Tomm and we are grateful for his generous contribution.

Improvements were made around the rear of the clubhouse by the removal of the old truck van and the shed contiguous to it.  Still more needs to be done to address the many years of neglect by painting and replacing some of the fascia boards.  The roof over that area is in need of replacement.

The two south facing doors were replaced by a journeyman carpenter to improve both the security and appearance of the area.

Inside the clubhouse many improvements were made.  The old beer cooler has been replaced with a new, more efficient unit as was the ice making machine.  The old cabinet behind the bar was replaced with a new one as well as a new counter top.

The flight room was cleaned up with the removal of the old safe, which was never used, and two of the filing cabinets that were no longer required.

An updated SOP document was created as a beginning of a Safety Management System which is a very positive step for the club.  Transport Canada encouraged us to take this action and we are happy to report that we are moving in the right direction.

Recent club fly outs have seen 7 planes and 20 members in attendance.  One flight to Victoria and one to Powell River. The most in many years.

Government sanctioned COVID restrictions were implemented which resulted in an environment that was clean and safe for use by our members.

None of the above could have been accomplished without the tremendous support of our club volunteers and to them I extend my personal thanks for a job well done.

Until next time, happy and safe flying.

Ken Funk
Abbotsford Flying Club

Celebration of Life for Ron Price

The celebration of life for Ron Price took place August 11 at the Bradner soccer field. The event was very well attended with about 200 people in attendance, of which 15 were representatives of the AFC. Steve Stewart in CGGMA and Paul Monchamp in his Grumman, did a nice Flypast. The Grumman’s smoke system was very effective. The family had put Ron’s C-150 FFWW on display. Nice touch.