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Hangar Talk Day – March 29, 2014


  • Saturday March 29, 13:00-16:00

Where:  AFC clubhouse

Contact:  Augie Rinz

Open to:  AFC members & guests.


We will have guest speakers from 442 Squadron Search and Rescue from Comox. They will be sending a pilot and SAR technician. The focus of their presentation will be SAR prevention, 406 MHz beacon and the SPOT beacon. This will be a very informative talk especially since many pilots will be venturing out of the valley on cross country flights this year. Other topics of discussion as they are brought from the floor.

Please pass the message on to anyone who is interested as well. Visitors and guests will be welcome. This is a good opportunity to promote our club!

What to Bring:

RSVP / Sign-Up

Please provide the following details below using Add Comments if you’re coming.

  • Full name and the full names of any guest you’ll be bringing or know will be coming.

Aircraft Ditching, Underwater Egress & Sea Survival Training

AFC members and other pilots in the area regularly fly over open water.  Many of us have enjoyed the views of the ocean while flying for a quick hop over to Victoria or Nanaimo, or the rivers or lakes below us while flying inland.  However, how many of us are really prepared if something goes wrong over the water?

“Underwater egress training is invaluable for any pilot who flies regularly over water, regardless of the type of aircraft flown. As a matter of fact, passengers or non pilot crews who also fly regularly over water should consider underwater escape training”.

Transport Canada Aviation Safety Letter, Issue 2/98

“Given that the physical impediments associated with escaping from a submerged seaplane are often not insurmountable, it is likely that many people do not escape because they are not adequately prepared to do so.”

Damien Lawson, Transportation Safety Board

In order to help support safe flying, the Abbotsford Flying Club, in conjunction with Pro Aviation of Langley, is pleased to arrange for group training in Aircraft Ditching , Underwater, and Sea Survival Egress training.  

The intent of this course is to prepare you for a water landing, using a realistic, but safe and controlled, simulated environment.  Note that this training is not just of benefit to pilots – if you are a passenger in a small aircraft that flies over water, we encourage you to attend! 

Course Content: 

Morning – Classroom Lecture

– Ditching scenarios, controlled / uncontrolled

– Ditching procedures and techniques

– Aircraft egress, dry and wet

– Survival equipment (aircraft and personal)

– Sea survival techniques

– Passenger safety

– Escape trainer briefing


Afternoon – Pool Exercises

– Life vest demo             – inflation          


– Life raft drill                  -inflation             


-equipment and use       

-righting from inverted position 

– Underwater escape trainer – inverted scenarios:

-normal egress, door removed

-normal egress, door installed

-one exit inoperable       

 -night ditching



We currently have sessions booked for April 7th and 14th.  Depending on the demand from members and others, there may be additional sessions added. 



The tuition is $270 + H.S.T. per person. 



All sessions will be held in Langley. The morning classroom session will start at 8:30 a.m. in the Murrayville Community Room, located at 100-22071 48 Avenue, between the Murrayville Library and liquor store. The afternoon pool session will be held one block away, at the W.C. Blair Recreation Centre located at 22200 Fraser Highway in Langley. 


Note for pilots – For private pilots, the classroom presentation is approved by Transport Canada to satisfy the Canadian Aviation Regulations CARs 401.05 (2)(a) Recency Requirement for recurrent training. 


Session Notes:

Participants MUST be in good health and physically capable to participate in pool exercises.

During the pool exercises, participants are asked to wear what they would normally wear in the aircraft. They should bring either a flight suit or jeans and a sweatshirt, clean footwear, a towel and plastic bag to store the clothes in afterwards. The pool session starts after lunch so there is no need to bring pool clothes to the morning session.

There is an approximately one hour break for lunch. Participants are responsible for their own lunch and there are numerous restaurants close by (one block away) like A & W, Quiznos, Panago Pizza, Ricky’s, and a deli at the IGA Marketplace.



A video from Discovery Channel, covering the course, is available here:


More information on the course is available here


Please use the Add Comment form below if interested and specify your preferred date (April 7 or April 14) :

AFC Annual Checkride Quiz 2014 Group Study Session


  • Saturday, March 15th, 09:00-12:00.

Where:  AFC clubhouse

Contact:  Bob Fatkin or Augie Rinz

Open to:  AFC members


This is a study session for those pilots who would like to do the AFC Annual Checkride Quiz together as a group. Bob Fatkin will mentor the group and offer help and advice to complete the quiz. Once completed, the quiz portion of the annual will be considered done, leaving only the actual flying to be done on the scheduled Annual Checkride flight.

What to Bring:

Please bring your charts (VTA and VNC), pencils, E-6B or CX-2, rulers, protractors etc. If you do not have a copy of a CFS (old is OK), there will be extras at the club.

RSVP / Sign-Up

Please provide the following details below using the Leave a Reply section at the bottom of this page if you’re coming.

  • Full name
  • Any supplies you don’t have, e.g. E6B, charts, etc.  We will do our best to provide if requested.

AFC 50th Anniversary Celebration

Abbotsford Flying Club

will be holding its

50th Anniversary Celebration


September 24, 2011

Time: 3:30pm – 9:00pm

Location: Abbotsford Flying Club clubhouse (map)
30540 Approach Drive, Abbotsford, BC

5:00 pm – Formal program begins.
Entertainment will follow. Refreshments will be served.
Open to current and past club members and special guests.
If you would like to add a name to the invitation list,
please email us at