AFC Presenter Schedule

January 13th 2016

Fly the Atlantic in a Single
Presenter: Kevin Cuthro
Affiliation: Private pilot

February 10th 2016

Blackcombe Aviation
Presenter: Jonathon Burke
Affiliation: Blackcombe Aviation

March 9th 2016

Aerobatics and Upset Training
Presenter: Bob Fatkin and Jodi Rueger
Affiliation: Coastal Pacific

April 13th 2016

Fire‐Fighting Operations
Presenter: Graham Wilson
Affiliation: Conair

May 11th 2016

Langley Museum of Flight
Presenter: Mike Sattler
Affiliation: Langley Museum of Flight

June 8th 2016

First Aid
Presenter: Ron Straight
Affiliation: Paramedic Instructor

July 13th 2016

BC General Aviation Association
Presenters: Ryan Van Haren, Ken Wardstron


No meeting

September 14th 2016

Comets and Concordes
Presenter: Peter Duffey
Affiliation: ex British Airways

October 12th 2016

Annual General Meeting

November 9th 2016

Minimum Seat Pitch
Presenter: Piere Bergeron
Affiliation: Transat

Presenter: Paul Monchamp
Affiliation: Casara

December 14th 2016

Presenter: Johanna Wagstaffe
Affiliation: CBC

3 thoughts on “AFC Presenter Schedule

  1. Clark Closkey

    June’s presenter is RON, (not John) STRAIGHT, son of long-time Sun Newspaper columnist Lee Straight.

  2. Chris Palmer

    Tonight’s presenter is Alex Burton on “Slow Flight”
    Ken Cathro had to cancel due to sudden family illness, but agrees to be re-scheduled.
    Chris Palmer.


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