Board of Directors & Committees


Name Position Committee Contact Info Email
George Aung-Thin President 604-319-5916 Click to send
Chris Palmer Vice President 604-857-2621 Click to send
Kevin Mickelby Treasurer 778-242-7142 Click to send
Aug Rinz Secretary 604-807-4530 Click to send
Brian Appaswamy Director Aircraft Maintenance 604-504-7389 Click to send
Dustin Stratford Director Flight Safety 604-506-8975
Amar Sundher Director Membership 604-835-9400
Bevan Tomm Director Socials  604-852-1520 Click to send
<vacant> Director Clubhouse Click to send
<vacant> Director
Mark Thibault Webmaster Newsletter, Website 604-613-0229 Click to send
 Janet Martens Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Click to send