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Clubhouse gets some needed TLC from some helpful members.

It was a dark and stormy Saturday morning. The weather was so bad that not even the birds where flying.  So what should a pilot do?  A group of volunteers came out on Saturday morning (December 2, 2017) and had the first of several work parties.  We worked, talked and had some good laughs from 10:00 till around 13:00 with several of the volunteers coming and going throughout this time.  This party included general clean-up around the flight room, bar area, kitchen and the back storage area by the furnace room.  We also removed a faulty switch in the electrical room.  Smoke detectors were installed in the lounge, meeting room, and the kitchen. A couple guys looked at the ice maker and hot water tank and we will have a plumber come and do some adjustments to the hot water tank as well as help us temporarily relocate the ice maker while we fix some plumbing issues in the bar area.  A picture was hung up in the flight room that was donated to us earlier in the year.  A big thank you to the volunteers who came out on Saturday morning.  They consisted of Chris Palmer, Richard Bauch, Clark Closkey, Warren LeGrice, Andy Halichuck, Ken Campbell, Devin Campbell (and his 2 children), Randy Kelly, Duncan Poynton and Bob Bryan.  Also thank you to Warren and Ken for bringing donuts. This won’t be the last of the work parties.  There will be another towards the end of March when the weather improves where we will be focusing on the outside of the building.

AFC’s First Flights for Kids Success Story

In 2011 at age 11, Ashley Cameron was given her first flight in a small airplane at the Abbotsford Flying Club’s First Flights for Kids event.  She flew with member Randy Kelley in his vintage Canadian-made 1946 Fleet 80 Canuck.

Six years later in August 2017, Ashley earned her Private Pilot License through the Air Cadet program.

In recognition of Ashley’s participation in the First Flights for Kids program and her success in earning a Private Pilot License, the AFC’s First Flights for Kids coordinators, Ron Becker and Mark Thibault, were proud to present Ashley with a First Flights for Kids award and 1-year membership to the flying club.

Also, Ashley has graciously agreed to participate in the 2018 First Flights for Kids 10th Anniversary event, this time as a ground school instructor where she can inspire more children with the joy of flight.

It is very satisfying to see kids get their first introduction to flight with our club and take their interest in aviation to the next level.

Awesome job, Ashley and we look forward to having you as a member.

Bob and Valerie Leroux complete cross-Canada trip!

In August 2017, Valerie and Bob Leroux completed their Canada 150 aviation journey across the country from Victoria to St. John’s and back.  They will be giving a presentation at the Abbotsford Flying Club on November 8th at 7:30 PM.

As planned, they visited the ten provincial capitals and their respective legislature buildings for a photo with their Canada flag, then on to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and, of course, a few aviation museums along the way.

They also stopped at some of the airports where the Royal Canadian Air Cadets were training for their Private Pilot Licence (PPL), to share their story and to encourage today’s young pilots to consider a career in aviation.

Bob and Valerie will share some of their flying experiences, photos and stories of their journey and of the people that they met on this exciting once-in-a-lifetime journey.

More information on the trip can be found at

Ed Boon goes to Oshkosh in a Mooney M20

Click here for a photo essay on my 2017 Oshkosh trip, right seat with Langley member David Blom in his Mooney M20C.

With apologies, the photo comments are written in context of my non aviation New Zealand relatives, hence some aviation and geography terms that are more obvious to us.

This was my second trip to KOSH, my original being 2007 right seat in a Comanche 250. Both were great trips but each unique. I learned a lot about cross country flying from David. I planned the outgoing route, with the forecasts showing ceiling limitations, so low level routes. Though we did not need them and got out from Bellingham over the Cascades. (Coming home was flying Mooney style, all direct.)

We intended overnight at Sioux Falls SD but stopped one airport short at Pierre SD. There some delays, with rain and ceilings closing Oshkosh all morning. This requiring a modified route north of Minneapolis to get in to KOSH middle afternoon, the arrival in rather bizarre traffic.

I did not take a lot of photos, mostly soaking up the experience. We camped and volunteered with the Vintage group, which put us close to show centre and with shade trees. Of course seven days on the ground in Oshkosh was still a lot of walking.

We ran into a few we knew from Abbotsford and Langley, including fellow AFC members Ken Funk, Gerry Crapo, Bob Fatkin and his son.

Coming home was almost entirely direct using Flight Following all the way. Mostly Canadian identifiers except for the airlines above us (US pilots tend to use 1200 and not talk) . We heard Bob Fatkin behind us in IUK while crossing the Dakota’s. Was Minneapolis Center for most of it, Salt Lake Center in the mountains then Seattle Center in Washington.

Direct home took us to Great Falls MT for an overnight then another bee line for CYXX. The last leg from Omak, WA north of Mt. Baker, which was spectacular. I hope all members can have a similar experience. Was worth every bit of it.

Ed Boon