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AFC Membership Committee Meeting – 2020-08-04

Membership Committee Meeting

Call to order:  1905

Present:  Dirk Sieber, Amar Sundher, Mark Thibault, Ruth Wiebe.



Review of Applicants

  • Davinder Brar – recommended.
  • Ted Charles – recommended.
  • Avery Quinn – recommended.
  • Darryl Haaheim – recommended.
  • David McLachlan – recommended.
  • Paul Moore – recommended.
  • Bote Sha – recommended.
  • Owen Tiertle – recommended.


Dues / Fees – Ruth

Some discussion on membership dues was had with regards to the current COVID-19 situation.



The AFC patches are in.  They’ll offered to new members as an alternative to a club hat.


Adjourned: 19:46.

Flight Safety Committee Meeting – 2020-07-29


Luciano Nisi (chair), Ryan Grendus, Mark Thibault.

Meeting Called to Order:  19:40 via Zoom online virtual meeting.


Minute of Silence observed for Erissa Yong-Wilson.

SPOT Trace trial in GMA and IUK

It works in GMA.  More testing in IUK to be done.

IUK Winch Damaged

Discussed options to improve training to prevent in future incidents.

Parking Near Helicopters

Recent occurence with one of our aircraft was discussed.

Risk homeostasis: Reducing risk does not necessarily reduce accidents

Discussion on concept from Transport Canada article.

Weight & Balance Calculator