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AFC Constitution Review Committee, August 23, 2017

AFC Constitution Review Committee

Meeting Minutes
August 23, 2017


The AFC constitution review committee was called to order at the club by Chairperson C.
Closkey at 12:36 PM.
Members: B. Robertson, President Ken Campbell, Duncan Poynton, Chris Palmer
Regrets: J. Hendriks

A. Minutes:

Chairperson C. Closkey asked that the members review the May 29, 2017 meeting
minutes posted on the website for future approval and discussion.

B. Discussion

1. A review of the Club Blog was done and no more submissions have been added
since the previous review.

2. Comments by Chairman Closkey reviewing events since the summer recess which
could have an effect on the Committee’s future deliberations

3. A discussion regarding the pending Notice of Motion to be brought forward at the
September General Meeting followed. It was the Committee’s opinion that a simple
change in the existing By-Law wording would be sufficient to address the spirit of the

4. Wording to limit the spending of the Board of Directors without sustaining member’s
prior approval was discussed. Chairman Closkey has found a web site which
addresses this issue and will bring it forward at the next meeting of the Committee.

5. A discussion regarding the duties of the Treasurer followed with the suggestion that
the following be included within the existing Treasurer’s duties.
“The Treasurer shall chair a Finance Committee consisting of themselves and a
minimum of two sustaining members approved by the Board of Directors”.

6. It was suggested the following statement be added to the existing Directors and
Officers responsibilities – Treasurer 5.1 (o) ” —- and present an Annual Budget at the

C. Adjournment:

Meeting was adjourned at 1:17 P.M. by Ken Campbell and seconded by Chris Palmer

The next meeting will be held at the AFC on August 30, 2017 at 13:00 hours (1:00 P. M.)
Minutes recorded by: B. Robertson
Approved by: C. Closkey, Chairperson