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General Meeting Minutes – 2018-11-14

General Meeting Minutes – 2018-11-14




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  1. Guests
  2. Announcements
    • new members,
    • flyouts,
    • special events,
    • good and welfare
  3. Reading of the Agenda for Board Updates – which will be minuted and will happen after the break (if there’s some sort of special business going on, we can let people know here so that they know to attend and not just leave after the break.).
  4. Break
  5. Board Updates (Agenda)
    • President report
    • VP Report
    • Treasurer report
    • Secretary report
    • Safety report
    •  Membership report
    •  Building Maintenance Report
    •  Social Report
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
  8. Adjourn


  • Returning member Bruce Clayman introduced


  • Ron Shore, Son of founding member Monty Shore discussing the KK241 crash that originated from 5 OTU, Abbotsford on 1 June 1945 as well as the heritage of the 5 OTU

15 Minute Break

Motion to approve meeting minutes from Annual General Meeting:

1: Mark 2:  Paul M  B. The MSC


  • Steve Stewart: Millie is looking at building an archive of Airshow minutes and documents. Millie will also look at doing an archive for the AFC and will be looking for some help, also some stories and archived AFC stuff that they dont know what to do with, talk to Millie!
  • Also, Steve Tuesday November 27 at 7PM is the Airshow AGM here at the flying club. If you aren’t a member of the Airshow society, pay your $10 and vote!
  • Marcia Strang of the 99’s will have a presentation at Boundary Bay. More info

President’s and club Report

  • President duties were handed off, but due to extenuating circumstances, was not able to touch base with previous president, Ken Campbell
  • Meetings held with new board to talk about roles.
  • Safety chair and Membership chair were requested by two parties each
  • Safety chair went to Dustin Stratford by default, since Devin resigned.
  • Membership chair was proposed to be a co-chair between Amarvir and Adrian; Adrian tendered his resignation the day after the board meeting and it was accepted.
  • Two board positions are vacant and will be addressed during our next board meeting
    • Questions raised about the two resignations and the process of replacement of the two directors.
  • Certified aircraft maintenance chair = Brian Appaswamy
  • Non-certified maintenance chair = Bevan Tomm
  • For the board meeting I had requested an idea of membership numbers and a fiscal health report from Treasurer.
  • Met with Parm last week and discussed the club and airport relationship
  • Attended the Remembrance Day fly-in and was very impressed with the professionalism and safety measures of the group.  I’d like to see club members who are interested in formation flying have the opportunity to learn how it is done and have confidence-building practices.

VP Report

  • Speaker for December: George Nunn and Paul Montchamp: discussion about the search for the missing Chilliwack aircraft.
  • Lining up a speaker for January

Treasurer report

  • No report at this time. (Vacation)
  • George indicates that a better report is coming for December but cash is being drawn down a bit.

Secretary report

  • No report

 Flight Safety report

  • I am terribly sorry I had to miss this meeting tonight, I was called out onto a show this afternoon as one of our techs is ill.There are a few things I wanted to cover tonight, the first being, a safety committee, if there are any members who are interested on being on the committee, please let me know and we can get together to discuss.Next we had an incident while taxiing with a tow bar attached to an aircraft, I would just like to remind flying members to take an extra moment, not to rush, and make sure that your aircraft is indeed ready and safe to fly, it’s an easily avoidable mistake that could have cost us thousands of dollars. Just take a moment and slow down :)If there are any flying members that would like to re do their hanger check or just have a short review you can contact me and we can set something up.

    I have the 2 year recency  requirement (as per transport Canada) self paced test, that I would like to get under way, (ask Warren if he would like to head that again?) will be open to all flying club members and is a good idea to go to as it is an easy way to keep yourself current as per the transport rules.

    Lastly I want to mention that per cars, gma is no longer able to fly ifr, and I would like to thank bob for looking into that and passing the cars rules on to us. Please fly gma in appropriate VFR weather only

Membership report

  • Discussion on current member status and numbers of members (full, associate and LM)
  • Social media updates and updating the Google search descriptions
  • Questions discussed about current membership retention and targeting demographics
  • More ideas forthcoming.

Aircraft Mainenence:

  • Certified: No issues at present. GMA is fully VFR capable, just not IFR
  • Non-certified (SBS)
    • Seatbelt update needs to be done; Bevan is chasing down GlasAir
    • Landing gear is being looked at to change them to normal tires from the tundra tires. Original set of tricycle gear has been sourced from Quebec so that will be looked at in the next week or two.

Building Maintenance Report

  • No report

Social Report (no director yet)

  • Reminder from Gerry C about the AFC Xmas lunch in Chilliwack, Please respond if you want to attend
  • Also reminder of record night this Friday’s TGIF
  • Christmas TGIF? Second Friday in December? Santa?

Good and Welfare

  • Devin went through round 9 of Chemo….. doing OK so far
  • Frank Dudfield is getting knee replacements
  • John Watt Passed away

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • New owners of Godspeed fuel pumps are hard to reach to make our fuel cards work, no update on that just yet. Janet is working to get this resolved.
  • GMA outdoor covers for cowling and windscreen. Should we sell them?
  • Need a new bar director.
    • Reminder that Jan Bauch does a lot to help clean up as does Murray and Leanness

Next Board Meeting: 28 November
Next General Meeting: 12 December

Motion to Adjourn – 22:05 (Millie)