COVID-19 Procedures

As of June 2020, the Board decided to open the club to restricted flight operations.  At this time, only the flight operations room, washrooms and aircraft hangar are open for use by approved club members. The reminder of the club will remain closed.

You must do the following before you will be allowed to book and fly club aircraft:

  1. Watch the AFC Aircraft COVID-19 Sanitization Procedures.
  2. Read the AFC Aircraft Operations COVID-19 Procedures.
  3. Read the AFC Aircraft COVID-19 Sanitization Checklist.
  4. Read and sign the the AFC COVID-19 Waiver.
  5. Send a photo or scan of the signed AFC COVID-19 Waiver (using your mobile phone) to  Or, drop off signed waiver in the Flight Safety drop box in the Flight Room with an email to

Once the above steps have been done and the signed waiver has been received, you will receive confirmation allowing you to book and fly club aircraft once again.
These restrictions are for the safety and protection of you, your family and other club members.  The Board will consider opening up the club as the COVID-19 situation evolves and upon further direction by the health authorities.

If you have any questions relating to the procedures, video or flight currency, please contact

The Board appreciates your patience and understanding during these trying times. We all miss flying and socializing and look forward to when things are back to normal.