AFC Volunteering Opportunities

It’s my club.  How can I help?

The club’s success depends entirely on the contributions of its membership.  Without them, the club doesn’t exist.  There are many areas where members can help contribute to the club and  all efforts are greatly appreciated; many hands make light work.

Here are some of the areas where you can help (in no particular order).  If you see someone’s name shown beside an item, feel free to contact them and offer some help if you feel you can contribute.

The Board – as elected at the AGM

The club elects new Board members every year at the AGM.  Consider running for a director role if you’re new.  Consider other positions if you’re ambitious, e.g. President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary.

New directors can benefit from experience with some of the things listed below if possible so if you can’t serve on the Board, consider volunteering on a committee.  Every effort counts.

Flight Safety

A committee meets regularly. It wrote our Aircraft Operations manual, recommends currency requirements, creates the annual quiz, and has a general mandate to look at all flight safety-related issues.

Aircraft Maintenance & Operations

Aircraft Cleaning – ad hoc

All our pilots know of their responsibility to ensure the aircraft are left tidy and clean after their flights.  However, there is an additional need for periodic more thorough cleaning, particularly underneath the aircraft.  This is usually done on hangar cleaning days.


The committee interviews new applicants and makes recommendations to the Board. And looks after things like the application process, member list etc.  The club could also use help in keeping member pictures up to date.  If you have the ability to handle pictures, and printing, please help.

Good and Welfare – Adrian Renkers

If you know of news about a club member worth sharing, let Adrian know.

Website – Mark Thibault, editor & webmaster.

Mark administers the club’s website and Internet presence.  He’s also involved in the club’s social media, e.g. Facebook, Instagram.  If you have skills in any of those areas, let him know.

Bar – vacant

Help is always welcomed. One thing we are short of is members with ‘Serving it Right’ certification.  If you have it, let Murray know.

Clubhouse Maintenance & Cleaning – vacant

The club needs help from time to time with particular projects, e.g. painting, mounting stuff.  The club has a paid cleaning service that comes in once in a while but there is often a need for additional cleaning before and after meetings.  Grounds maintenance is also needed with help cutting grass and larger jobs like trimming hedges.

Audio-Visual – Dirk Sieber

The meeting room’s sound system is looked after by Bob. Dirk installed the new projector and looks after the connections.

TV, Phones and WiFi – <vacant>

Hangar Maintenance & Cleaning

Things like stocking up supplies (cleaning fluids, towels) and general tidying up.  Hangar cleanup sessions are done at least once a year (usually Spring). But more often would be better.

Club Events & Socals

First Flights For Kids – Mark Thibault & Ron Becker, organisers

First Flights is held in June.  Help is needed in the following areas: Volunteer pilots, Registration, Aircraft marshalling, Escorting kids, Volunteer Food, Fencing, Photographs.

Fly-in Wings and Wheels – Ed Boon, organiser

Wings and Wheels is held in May.  Leading up to the event Ed Boon runs a committee of all those involved. Help is needed in many ways:

Grading access ramp, Filling holes in grassed area, Building stage, Cooking breakfast, Providing music, Liaising with other flying clubs and with car clubs, Arranging trophies, Marshalling aircraft, Parking cars and motorcycles, Fencing, Poster and advertising

Fly-outs – <vacant>

Anyone can initiate a fly-out. The important things are to choose a destination and date, and book an aircraft, and to lead by example, i.e. participate, write newletter article afterwards. Others will follow – if the weather is ok.

TGIFs – <vacant>

Thanks goodness it’s Friday.  These events are held around 5pm each Friday night at the club where folks get together with appys for a few laughs and overall camaraderie.

Pool and Darts Contests – Adrian & Barbara Renkers

AGM Dinner – Bob Bryan

General Meeting Speakers & Presentations – ad hoc

While the Vice President is responsible for arranging for speakers at the club’s general meetings, it’s important that members reach out to their contacts to find presenters.  Please let the VP know if you have anyone in mind from which you think the club would like to hear.

Bookkeeping and Hangar Rental Administration – Janet Martens, bookkeeper

Security – everyone

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Doors have been left open, alarms not set, things gone missing too often. The alarm system is looked after by Bevan Tomm. Luciano Nisi looks after the key card system.

Club History Archives – Millie Watson and Steve Stewart

The club would welcome help from anyone interested. We have 55 years of very inconsistent archives, spread among members, former members, the clubhouse etc.  We need someone to gather the club’s history in one place, organise and create a mini-museum of sorts.

Relationships with other Organisations

Airport Liaison – Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart usually attends the airport tenants meetings. And the club is part of the new aerospace cluster.

Airshow Liaison – Steve Stewart

This is partially done by those people we nominate to the airshow board.  But we have many other members directly involved in airshow issues.

Liaise with other clubs – everyone

Everyone can do this to help make connections in the local aviation community.


The Abbotsford International Airshow is in August.  There are many volunteer opportunities beyond what the AFC is specifically responsible for such as Airshow Campground, Fly-in and Aircraft Camping, General Aviation Display.

Airshow Campground – Randy Engh, organiser.

Always need people to help with registration, parking, trash collection, supervision etc. AFC revenue is directly linked to campground performance

Broken Prop Restaurant  – Bob Bryan, organiser.

The Broken Prop restaurant serves food at the club during airshow.  Much help is needed in food preparation, cooking, serving, clean up, etc.

General Aviation Display –  vacant, organiser.

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