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General Meeting Minutes – 2019-06-12

General Meeting Minutes – 2019-06-12



All Members: Please remember to sign in.

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  1. Presentation
  2. Guests
  3. Announcements
    • new members,
    • special events and social,
    • good and welfare
  4. Board Updates (Posted for minutes due to time constraint tonight)
    • President report
    • VP Report
    • Treasurer report
    • Secretary report
    • Safety report
    •  Membership report
    •  Building Maintenance Report
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business
  7. Adjourn


  • Ant


  • Speaker is Trent Stenmark, Manager of Nav Canada CYXX Tower
  • Next month it will be Bob Fatkin
  • Trent will visit again in September

Motion to approve meeting minutes from March General Meeting:

1: Kevin L P 2: Mark T MSC


  • New member introductions,
    • None this month
  • Flyouts,
    • Sunday morning flyouts ongoing!
    • June 20 Vernon
    • Delta airpark
    • Oliver is coming up
    • Campbell River Wings and Wheels
    • Fairmont Hotsprings
    • Let’s do an EAPIS session and get some US airports in our logbooks
  • Special events and Social!
    • First Flights for Kids coming up 15 June this Saturday. Weather looks promising!.
      • Safety briefing at 8:30
      • 144 slots. Need another airplane!
      • 861 Silverfox cadets will be out as well!
    • TGIF always on
    • Airshow:
      • upcoming acts confirmed:
        • USAF: A-10s, C-5 Galaxy, KC-10, KC-135, F-16 Aggressors
        • USN: MH-60S Seahawk helo, and possibly a F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet
        • USCG: HH-65 Dolphin helo from Port Angeles
        • Luftwaffe: Airbus A-400M
        • RCAF: TBD
        • USAF Thunderbirds
  • Good and welfare
    • Wayne Maure passed away on May 7 at the age of 62.
      • Wayne and Clark and Adrian flew in IUK to Whitehorse and back in 2010 in The John Lovelace Midnight Sun Challenge. Gerry Crapo and Steve Stewart did the same in ZHQ.
        Adrian spoke with his mother Rosemary from Penticton and a celebration of Wayne’s life is planned for sometime in July here in the club.
    •  Ron Montie has been released from ARH and is now in Worthington in room 48. He enjoys company, especially if they bring cookies.
    •  George Elder had a pace maker installed on Monday. The procedure went well. He sends his regrets as he’s not allowed to drive for a few more days
    •  Sadly letting you know that Ken Cox died suddenly Monday morning walking on the dyke.
      There will be a service and celebration of life on Saturday in Chilliwack.
      He did the wiring and radio installation on Chris Palmer’s Yukon.
      Great guy, will be missed.

President’s and club Report

  • Wings and Wheels was a success; despite heavy rain, over fifty people showed up.
    • Many thanks to Ed Boon for his efforts on this
    • People got to see SBS out on the field – she’s lovely
  • SBS is online and arrangements for training are being made
    • Ken McKeen is meeting with Coastal tomorrow
    • Ground school was a success and Warren is planning another one for those who missed the first session.
  • First Flights for kids is coming up this weekend.  It should be a lot of fun and it is an event that really shows how we give back to the community.
  • Focus on Airshow volunteering: tonight we have presentations from the Airshow Captains about what kind of work there is to do.  The more volunteers we get, the lighter the load will be.
    • We appreciate all volunteers – those who return every year and those who are coming out for the first time.  Sign up sheets are available in the bar tonight.
    • Ruth Wiebe is working as our SPOC – Single Point of Contact – with the Airshow.  This makes for consistent messaging without unnecessary repetition.  Ruth is doing a great job bringing people together.
  • Thanks to the Dutch Lunch crew for cleaning up – AND for contributing photos to the Newsletter!
    • If you have kudos to give or even just a few photos you’d like to share, please go ahead and submit your story or pictures to
    • Alternatively we also have an instagram account – feel free to post there.  If you are eager to learn how to use instagram, consider buying a beer and having an impromptu tutorial with one of our more tech-savvy members!
  • George presented the metrics that he is tracking. His presentation can be found here

VP Report

  • Speaker is Trent Stenmark, Manager of Nav Canada CYXX Tower
  • Next month it will be Bob Fatkin
  • Trent will visit again in September

Treasurer report

  • Nothing significant this month

Secretary report

  • Reminder that Absent Excused can also be sent to

 Flight Safety report

  • Finalizing the flight review document
  • Updating checklist for SBS
  • IMC/VMC Club 
     The regular IMC/VMC meeting on Saturday June 29 will be the last prior to our summer break. They will resume meetings in September.

Membership report

  • Interviewing some prospective members in the next few weeks
  • Committee is busy

Aircraft Maintenance:

  • Certified: (Brian A)
    • IUK: No issues to report
    • GMA: No issues to report
  • Non-certified (SBS – Bevan)
    •  the engine monitor is back with its upgrade/repair but still waiting for it to be re-installed and tested, hopefully this week. Otherwise SBS is ready

Building Maintenance Report

  • Warren is encouraged that more members are coming forward to assist in keeping the club house neat and tidy. Andy and Warren continue improving the meeting room, with ceiling repair our next task.
    The outside of our facility needs attention especially the flat roof on the east side of the building and the green wooden trim. Much of the wood will require replacement.  The roof replacement is essential  in order to maintain the integrity of the building envelope.

Old Business

  • Nominating committee will be meeting soon, so let Ken Campbell know what you think, good, bad or otherwise.
  • Issue with the lawnmower being locked away and no key available.
    • Clarification from Steve Stewart: About two weeks ago, Janet did put a lock on the storeroom, but it jammed, and she removed it after just a few days. The intention (which is what I had previously agreed with Janet, and which we still intend) is that there will be a lock on that storeroom. There will be key-ring available, somewhere in the clubhouse, that has three keys on it – one for the mower itself, one for the storeroom, and one for the SBS hangar which you have to transit to access the storeroom. Anyone wanting to use the mower will simply pick up the keys from the clubhouse.

New Business

  • There has been a blue and white 1966 Cessna 150 parked on the grass in the compound for the past few weeks – registration C-GCBE.
    It arrived at CYXX with engine trouble, on route from Quesnel to Langley.
    Bakerview found a carburettor problem and some rust in the cylinders.
    Since then, the engine was pulled out, sent to Kamloops for whatever work was necessary, and has been re-installed.
    The rust was there because the aircraft has had so few hours in recent years.
    However, they guy who bought it from Quesnel, for his own training, lost confidence in it, and the original owner agreed to take it back.
    It will go back to Quesnel unless someone here wants to buy it.
    Engine has just 70 hours since rebuild about five years ago.
    UVA did interior and paint a few years ago.
    Owner is Dennis Gaetz, and he wants about $35k for the aircraft. contact
  • Things have been going missing around the club. Please keep an eye out
  • AFC Hangars need volunteers too:
    • All the grass needs cutting – we have a ride-on mower, in storeroom off club hangars.
      • There is no lock inside the hangar
    • New soil can be raked somewhat neater, and we have extra soil for filling in some spots that need it.
    • Floor of Storage Unit XF-F needs painting – bare plywood at present, about 300 to 400 sqft. This space will be used for all club archives, records, and stored memorabilia.
    • We are taking over the four grass tie-down spots south of our lease.
      • There should be existing anchors, that need to be probed for, and restored to operation.
      • This grass needs to be cut as well

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday 24 July 18:30
Next General Meeting: 10 July

Motion to Adjourn – 21:30  (Millie Watson)

President’s Column: June 2019

I remember when I was sixteen my parents took us on a vacation to Cuba.
When we got there it was wonderful – sunshine, beaches, ocean, seafood, coconut-water and other delicious tropical fruits. My parents told me the rum was really good, but didn’t let me have any. Anyway, I remember saying to Dad, “wouldn’t it be great if we owned a place here?”. He looked at me and for a moment then asked, “What would that change?”. At times like this, when he was asking me to  think beyond my reckless teenage drives, he would take on the  aspect of a wise Buddhist monk. “Well, Dad, it would mean that we  could come here every year.”, I replied. “But surely, son, that is only a matter of committing to come back again”. He went on to point out that being in this wonderful place had nothing to do with owning it. He asked me if I was enjoying myself, and I had to admit that I was. At the time I gave it little thought, but when I look back I realize that he was teaching me about the importance of being present and enjoying the moment.

Reflecting on the flight I took with Kevin and some friends to Texada Island just the other day, Dad’s point really hits home for me. We had a spectacular flight, rode bikes on lonely roads, enjoyed a wonderful meal with good friends and adventured our way back home. To get there by car would have meant hours of driving, three ferries and the costs of accommodation. We truly have a wonderful proposition at our flying club. Seeing it through the eyes of our non-flying guests really drove it home.

We all talked about owning aircraft – and it is a viable option for some – but when I think about it, flying the club aircraft is perfect for me at my time of life. Our talented Treasurer has recently done some financial analysis regarding the cost of ownership. Aircraft ownership, before literally getting off the ground – is in the range of fifteen thousand dollars per year. That doesn’t include the cost of purchasing the aircraft or the ongoing costs of hourly flight. The Club proposition is even more attractive when you consider the fact that we have a diligent team of people looking after the maintenance, financing and care of the aircraft. I have often fantasized about owning or home-building, but the fact is, with two tween-aged kids and a busy career I’m lucky to get the lawn mowed and our oil changed in the family vehicle. Because of the excellent assets of the club, members are able to fly to exciting destinations with only the requirements of currency to be met.

Whether you choose to own an aircraft, fly the club planes or even a bit of both, the most important thing to remember is to get out there and fly for fun!

Wings and Wheels 2019

Dear Wings and Wheels Volunteers,

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you – this year our Wings and Wheels event went off quite well!  Despite the rain and the fact that the “Fly-In” was more of a “Taxi-In” your high spirits, welcoming hearts and “can-do” attitudes turned it into a fun, cozy and smooth-running event!  We provided a safe and secure place for the wings and the wheels, a hearty breakfast for fifty three guests and some enchanting entertainment.

There are just too many people to mention – and I’m terrible at remembering, so please forgive any of my memory lapses.  Firstly, I’d like to express a special thank you to Ed Boon.  Despite wanting to hand off the Wings and Wheels event two years ago, he’s put in a great effort and made things work.  We had lots of great help from Ruth, Steve, Mark and Lorenzo on the preparation and setup in the weeks leading up to the event.  Holes were filled, fences erected, stages set up, critical equipment secured – not to mention the planning, marketing and other thinking that went into the endeavor.  On the day before Wings and Wheels there was a huge set up effort.  During the event itself, one of my secret activities (while the eggs are cooking away) is to step back and observe the hum of activity that goes on while we’re hosting an event.  It’s spectacular!  I saw Murray, Jan, Barb and Val buzzing away in the kitchen and the dining area.  Clark was handing out sausages with Val helping.  Murray presided over the settings, making sure that condiments, juices and syrup kept flowing.  Meanwhile, in the kitchens, Bob ran the cooking operation with an eagle eye and a ready laugh to keep people encouraged.  Bob Leroux and Adrian were everywhere, snapping photos and documenting the action!  The hardcore troopers, Aug and Kevin were out on the field directing the vehicles and aircraft into position – it was cold and wet work on this rainy May day!  Inside, Dirk and his wife Susan took money, sold tickets and kept a tally on incoming customers.  I heard many positive comments from the Mayor and his graceful wife, Velma about the caliber of our club – in particular it’s members; they said we represent the spirit of welcome and adventure that embodies the Abbotsford Community.

Pictures of the event can bee seen on the AFC Facebook page here.


Overall it was a great day – and it was thanks to the skill, dedication and hard work put on by our volunteers.  Thanks to you all!

Hangar Repaving Project

This past month you will have seen that we have new hangar paving done on the taxiways leading to the AFC hangars as well as the X Friesen hangars. This was a huge project that was led by the YXX Hangar Rental folks, led by Steve Stewart and Kevin Mickleby which was assisted by Janet Martens. This is the result of alot of hard work by these three and the results speak for themselves. This project could not have been done without the grant from the British Columbia Air Access Program, which we are grateful for.

Once the tenders went out and the supplier identified and contracted to do the work. Firstly engineering took place to establish the current state and then the real work began by doing some work to improve the drainage and then ripping up the old pavement and levelling out the foundation layer first in the soil and then a bed of gravel being accurately laid down. It was discovered that some of the pavement was only a few inches thick in some spots, especially in the older paved areas and then improving slightly for the newer sections. Needless to say that the new paving is not only supported properly by high quality gravel but also with proper thickness asphalt paving.

Many thanks to those who submitted photos! More photos can be seen on the AFC Facebook photo gallery under “Photos”

Temporary parking for aircraft while the project is on

Pulling up the old paving

Reworking the foundation bed

Drainage improvements

Drainage with gravel and piping

Laying down the gravel bed

Lineup of trucks

Paving work

Laying down the asphalt

Fresh Asphalt. No lines yet

Paving complete with new centre line painting

Paul Monchamp repositioning aircraft

All done


Millie Watson Recognised by the Airshow Society

At the Members’ event on Saturday May 4th, Millie Watson was presented with a personalized Abbotsford International Airshow jacket.

Millie Watson wearing her new jacket and standing in front of B25 ‘Grumpy’ of the Historic Flight Foundation

After the 1963 show, ‘In keeping with its Constitution, the AFC gave a donation to the Mission City Cadet Squadron to assist in the building of a glider. The club also provided a scholarship to enable a member of the Abbotsford Air Rangers to take a Private Pilot’s Course. This scholarship was awarded to Miss Millie Watson of Mission City.’ ‘No one is more delighted than Mrs.H.Tarasenko captain of the Abbotsford Air Rangers. “It is a wonderful thing the Abbotsford Flying Club is doing” she told The News. “Not only is the club granting this flying scholarship but also instructing three other Abbotsford girls in the ground course. This should enable them to get their Leading Air Ranger badges”.’  Girls taking part in the ground school were Pat Warwick, Myrna Kvist and Valerie Carter.  Millie joined the Rangers in September 1963, and there were 10 girls in the group

When this picture was taken, Millie had logged five hours flying. She had started training on February 1st 1964

Millie completed the requirements for her licence in just 35 hours (which was the minimum required at that time), plus 20 hours of ground school.

Mildred Watson (second from right) took her Air Ranger friends Diane Cherry, Donna Taylor and Susan Small for a ride when she made her first passenger flight. Looking on is Tony Cosgrove, her instructor.

She then joined the AFC and has been a Member ever since, being made a Life Member in 2001?  As well as being an airshow volunteer, Millie also became the airshow’s very first employee. She had arranged to spend the summer of 1964 working at Eatons, but then the air show committee asked for her help and offered to match the pay she had expected from Eatons. Her main work was to book hotel rooms by phone, from one end of the valley to the other, and so far away as Victoria. She continues to volunteer with the airshow, and is currently the official Archivist for both the AFC and AIAS

Lighting upgrade on the Patio and gas line upgrade

Keith Barnett upgraded and fixed the outdoor gas BBQ line on the patio. Now we can connect two Barbecues to it. Keith will also convert the orifice if needed.  First class!

Old line for single BBQ

New double BBQ line connection

Ton DuCrocq upgraded the box above the patio entrance and installed a light fixture. He also upgraded all the wall outlets on the patio. Ken also worked hard on this too.

Thanks Ton and Ken!

Ton installing the light fixture mount

Job done

Ken installing fixture on the patio

Pool tournament winners

Robbie and Kevin Lacroix defeated team Chris Palmer and Murray Webb in the third and final game. It ended up in a nail biter when Murray sank the eight ball and the cue ball in the same shot.

The trophy was handed out by last year’s winners, Bevan Tomm and Richard Bauch.

Your winners! Robbie and Kevin!

Give Hope Wings

Ladies and Gentleman
I am addressing this email to all BC – Yukon + YKF Flying Clubs plus a few (so far) in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Ontario.
Many of you are well aware of Give Hope Wings – the 2018 project which flew right around Central & South America and raised well over $500k for Hope Air.  Because of the huge success of that mission, we are planning a second one to the north in June/July of this year. We will depart Pitt Meadows at 10:30 on Saturday June 15h and make a 6500 nm, three-week flight across BC, Yukon, NWT and then fly right around  Alaska. For your interest, we will be stopping in the following Canadian points northbound: YPK – YQZ – YXS – YYE – YQH – YFS – YZF – CEU8 – CYUB – CYEV – CYOC. We would love to see any of you at any of these stops; if there is interest please get back to me so we can coordinate.
Our full route is laid out under this tab, and I have also attached a detailed copy of our itinerary in the excel sheet below.
Last year we were well supported by Flying Clubs/COPA Flights in Western Canada – and Ontario – as follows:
We already have commitments from a few clubs this year, in particular a very generous offer to from the Aero Club of BC to host our send-off from YPK – complete with a fly-in breakfast, press and invited special guests. Thank you, Tom, Horst and your entire board and club.
Give Hope Wings is a three- week flight in June/July to raise money for Hope Air www.hopeair.caHope Air is an iconic Canadian charity which provides free flights to financially challenged Canadians who must get to health care far from home. Three or possible four light aircraft will fly 12,000 km from the Lower Mainland across BC, Yukon, NWT, and completely circumnavigate Alaska. The Give Hope Wings Crew plans to raise at least $1/4 million for Hope Air with this expedition; this will fund over 1,000 medical flights for people who really need our help.
The Give Hope Wings crew has a great track record. Flight Leader Dave McElroy flew around the world four years ago in a single-engine Piper Comanche and raised over $150,000 for SickKids Foundation and another charity. (He was just the 198th person in world history to accomplish that feat). Last year, he and two other pilots founded Give Hope Wings. They flew 39,000 km around Central and South America and raised well over $500,000 for Hope Air!  This year, the Give Hope Wings mission is three weeks rather than the eight week expedition last year, but the Crew is determined to raise at least $250,000. The objectives of the expedition include raising money and awareness for Hope Air, promoting the mission’s corporate sponsors and inspiring young people – of any age.
How are people, groups & companies helping us to help less fortunate Canadians?  In one or more of the four following ways.
1. Private donations – anyone who donates $1,000 or more has his/her name proudly emblazoned on Give Hope Wings aircraft. Donations in ANY amount are welcome and appreciated.
2. Corporate sponsorship – in Platinum, Gold and Silver Categories. Each of these has its own set of benefits, and each includes ample promotion of our sponsors. Give Hope Wings has a very wide and broad following on social media, and attracts press attention wherever events are planned – including stops along the way on this Northwest Expedition. All the benefits of being a Give Hope Wings donor or corporate sponsor are clearly laid out under the Sponsorship Tab of our website
3. Volunteer Flight Crew – a select group of people who want to join this, the experience of a lifetime, by making a serious contribution to Hope Air – enough to fund dozens of medical flights. The three week itinerary has been divided into three one-week stages, and the crew looks forward to hosting what they call “Volunteer Flight Crew” members (VFC) to share in this great adventure for a week each. Our fellow travellers will see some of the grandest, most spectacular scenery in the world from the unique perspective of the front seat of a highvis light aircraft. Only a tiny fraction of one percent of the population will ever have the opportunity to see what these people will see. If they are pilots, they will be welcome to share in the flying tasks, but there is no requirement for that. Pilots and non-pilots alike will fully enjoy this unique adventure. Please click the following link to see the details of the exciting VFC opportunity
4. New this year – sponsor a woman aviator in training.   Provide a $25k sponsorship which will fund a young aspiring female pilot to join our squadron as in (3) above. We held a contest for an Award for two legs (2X$25k =$50k) funded by an anonymous donor. We had 15 applicants. Two have been selected, but we are looking for funding to take another three along. These are all highly motivated and qualified young women who will take great benefit from an extensive cross-country trip which will vastly open their horizons and improve their aviation skills.
Any individual, group or company which donates $1000 or more to Hope Air in our name gets their identity emblazoned on our aircraft, and lots of mentions our website and social media (as well as Hope Air’s), We are hopeful to expand the support from our fellow flying clubs dramatically this year. If 30 clubs in BC-Yukon-NWT would each donate $1000 that would fund 120 free medical flights for Canadians this year who would not otherwise be able to get to much needed healthcare far from home. And there will be 30 Flying Club decals emblazoned on our aircraft. 
I will make an interesting, entertaining and educational presentation, complete with dozens of amazing phots and a number of short video clips describing our South American adventure, to any club which donates $1000 or more. Any that have heard our presentation on the 2018 Southern Odyssey have been very complimentary. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information. Donations can  be made online here, or mailed in as directed on the website.
                                            Hope Air – Getting Canadians to Getting Better
                                                   Give Hope Wings – Flying for Good 
Dave McElroy
Flight Leader Give Hope Wings
President, Kelowna Flying Club / COPA Flight 36
778 215 4114

The Midnight Sun Fly In

The Midnight Sun Fly In Association will be hosting the 2019 Midnight Sun Fly In from July 12 – 14, 2019 in Yellowknife, NT.  Planned activities include a fly-out picnic, live entertainment, dockside dining, pancake breakfast, memorial fly-past, and great bush pilot conversation.  Experience incredible backcountry flying in Canada’s spectacular Northwest Territories.  Float and wheel planes welcome.  See our website at for more information.